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BBVA Compass Clearpoints Visa Card offers 3% back on groceries, no annual fee, intro 0% APR, plus more free benefits. Get details and apply. When it comes to credit cards, many look for the cards that best combine rewards, convenience, and customer service. I've had cards with miles, cash back. If you are here to log into Bbva Compass Credit Card Login, we have just the official links under this portal for you to do that with ease.
bbva compass credit card

: Bbva compass credit card

Bbva compass credit card
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bbva compass credit card

Bbva compass credit card -

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With the approach to the online login services provided by the BBVA Compass Select Credit Card holders are enabled the full control over their credit activities just by signing in through a smartphone, computer...

Sign-In to Your Online Banking Services  <div><h2> Bbva Compass Corporate Credit Card Login </h2><div><p>Login page for bbva compass corporate credit card login is presented below. Log into bbva compass corporate credit card login page with one-click or find related helpful links. </p><p>Last Updated: 9th October, 2021 </p></div><div><div><div><img src=Find card offers for you: This card is not currently available on, but you can still find a great card offer for you! Our CardMatch tool can help match you with prequalified offers and cards that align with your credit history – with no harm to your credit score. Get personalized offers from our partners in seconds.

If your credit is excellent and you’re looking for a low rate rewards card with minimal penalties, the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card can be an ideal option. It offers a starting APR that’s well below the average low interest rate card and a fair rewards program that allows you to choose your own bonus categories. But despite the card’s seemingly generous balance transfer offer and low purchase APR, it charges an above-average balance transfer fee that makes it a poor choice for cardholders who want to consolidate balances.

Choose your own bonus categories

Though the ClearPoints credit card comes with an average rewards program, it does give cardholders the opportunity to choose their own bonus categories from a list of very lucrative categories. You get three points per dollar on one category and two points per dollar on another. You can choose from categories like office supplies, restaurants, travel purchases, gas, and more. All other purchases, however, only net you a single point per dollar.

The card also offers flexibility in how you redeem your points. BBVA allows you to redeem your travel purchases for statement credits – which means you can search for travel deals on discount websites and use your points to cover those purchases. You can also use cash to pay for a portion of a travel reward in case you don’t have the required number of points.

However, there is a major drawback: Points expire after 36 months. Since points are rewarded at a low rate, this means that many cardholders will have a difficult time collecting enough points to redeem for a major reward before the points expire.

Low APR – for some

If you can qualify for the card’s lowest available interest rate, the BBVA ClearPoints card can be just what you need to manage modest amounts of debt. Interest rates start at just 11.24 percent, which is significantly lower than what most low interest rate cards charge. You may want to look elsewhere, though, if you don’t think you can qualify for the card’s lowest rate. The card’s maximum rate runs as high as 29.24 percent — close to the highest APRs we’ve seen recently on a credit card.

Not the best option for transferring old balances

The BBVA Compass card includes a tempting 13-month 0-percent introductory offer for new purchases and balance transfers. While this is a lengthy introductory period, cardholders should do some careful math before springing for the offer, since the card also incurs a 4 percent balance transfer fee, or a minimum of $10, which is significantly more than the 3 percent fee that most balance transfer cards charge. If you plan to transfer up to $6,000 or more, transferring your balance onto the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card rather than a lower-fee card can cost you more than $60 in additional fees.

High fees, minimal penalties

You’ll also want to watch out for additional fees buried in the card’s terms and conditions. The Compass ClearPoints card charges a 3 percent foreign transaction fee, which is typical for general-purpose credit cards, but higher than what many competitors charge. If you plan to use the card abroad, you can easily find a different card that either charges a much lower foreign transaction fee or doesn’t charge extra for foreign transactions at all. The card also charges a 4 percent cash-advance fee, a $27-37 late fee depending on your amount of late payments and a $20 returned-payment fee.

On the plus side, the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card doesn’t charge a penalty APR, making it a much safer card if you occasionally forget a payment. Many cards jack up interest rates to 29 percent if you fall behind on your bills, making it tough to control your debt.

Modest sign-up bonus

Through June 30, 2021, you can earn $100 account credit for spending $1,500 in the first 90 days following your account opening. This isn’t the worst deal out there, especially for a card with no annual fee, but it’s not a game-changer for most cardholders either. You’ll still want to examine the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card’s other terms and fees before deciding to go for the $100 credit.

Limited perks

The Compass ClearPoints card comes with a short list of additional perks, including an extended warranty service, an auto rental collision damage waiver and travel and emergency assistance.

Why get the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card?

  • You plan to carry a balance and want a less expensive card with some rewards.
  • You have excellent credit and can qualify for the card’s lowest available interest rate.
  • You don’t expect to use any of the features, such as balance transfers or cash advances, that would cause you to be charged a higher fee.
  • You already have an account with BBVA and want a card with the same bank.

How to use the BBVA Compass ClearPoints card:

  • To get the most out of this card, use it for any purchases you can’t pay off immediately, but can pay off in a reasonable time period.
  • Do the math before you transfer a large balance. You may find that the card’s hefty fees aren’t worth transferring the debt.

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Advantages of BBVA credit cards. The credit cards offered by BBVA let you pay for your purchases even if you do not have enough money in your account.

BBVA Compass Select Credit Card Login  <div><h2>BBVA Compass Visa Signature Credit Card Review</h2><div><h3>Verdict:</h3><p>The <strong>BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card</strong> comes with an easy to understand rewards program.<br> The card also offers an introductory interest rate of 0% for all balance transfers for one year. And, depending upon your credit score, a low purchase interest rate as well.<br> These perks make this card a solid one for anyone who uses their credit cards often and carries a balance from one month to the next.</p><h3>Overview:</h3><p>This is a card designed for consumers who have already shown a history of paying their credit card bills on time.<br> You’ll need strong credit to qualify for this card. That’s why its purchase interest rate is so low.<br> On top of that, it also offers a decent rewards program.</p><h3>How The Rewards Program Works:</h3><p>Cardholders earn one rewards point for every dollar that they spend with their Compass Visa Signature credit card. This works out to a 1% rewards program.<br> They can then redeem their purchases for a wide variety of items, everything from credits to their accounts, gift cards, merchandise and travel rewards. </p><h3>Travel and Shopping Benefits:</h3><p>The card offers other perks, too.<br> It comes with no pre-set spending limit and does not charge an over-the-limit fee because of this.<br> Cardholders can take advantage of a free 24-hour concierge service that can help them make travel plans, set dining reservations and complete other necessary, but time-consuming, tasks.<br> Cardholders can also purchase tickets to Broadway shows, sporting events and concerts before the general public.</p><h3>Fees:</h3><p>This card charges no annual fee. The Compass Visa Signature card comes with impressive purchase interest rates.<br> Those cardholders with the highest credit scores will nab an interest rate as low as 9.49 percent. Those with lower scores will still only gain a purchase interest rate as high as 13.49 percent.<br> Cash advances cost $10 or 4 percent of the advance amount, whichever is higher. The card’s returned-payment fee can be as high as $25, while its late-payment fee can run as much as $35.</p><h3>The Bottom Line</h3><p><strong>Pros:</strong></p><ul><li>No annual fee.</li><li>Low purchase interest rate.</li><li>Rewards program.</li><li>Introductory offer of 0 percent interest on balance transfers for a full year.</li></ul><p><strong>Cons:</strong></p><ul><li>Cardholders can’t earn more rewards points for any purchases.</li></ul><p> </p></div>Источник:</div>  BBVA

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