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Considering First Bank of Wyoming? See all 3 reviews, insights and star ratings from major platforms (Facebook, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor) in one place! First Bank of Wyoming at 284 E Main St, Lovell WY 82431 - ⏰hours, ✓address, map, ➦directions, ☎️phone number, customer ratings and comments. 102301089. Status · Valid Routing Number Headquarters · Powell, Wyoming Telegraphic Name · GLACIER FIRST WY Routes Fed Bank · 101000048. Checking Digits · Format.
first bank of wyoming lovell wy

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First Bank Mobile Deposit

Security First Bank, Cheyenne (Wyoming) 82001, 500 West 18th Street

Security First Bank, Cheyenne (Wyoming) 82001, 500 West 18th Street

Name (Branch)): Security First Bank
Address(Branch): 500 West 18th Street
Zip Code (Branch): 82001
City (Reported)(Branch): Cheyenne
County Name (Branch): Laramie
State Name (Branch): Wyoming

Address (Institution): P. O. Box 129
Zip Code (Institution): 82001
Institution Headquarters, City: Cheyenne
County Name(Institution): Laramie
State Name (Institution Headquarters): Wyoming

Total Assets: 65,355,000 USD (Sixty-Five Million Three Hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand $)
Total Domestic Deposits: 53,972,000 USD (Fifty-Three Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand $)
Total Domestic Deposits for the institutions: 53,972,000 USD (Fifty-Three Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand $)
Deposits (Branch) (in thousand of dollars): 28,210,000 USD (Twenty-Eight Million Two Hundred and Ten Thousand first bank of wyoming lovell wy Industry Specialization Description: COMMERCIAL LENDING

Buffalo Way Branch (The Jackson State Bank)
50 Buffalo Way
83001 Jackson
Wyoming (Teton)
159,653,000 USD (One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Million Six Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand $)

Bank Of Star Valley (Bank of Star Valley)
384 Washington Street
83110 Afton
Wyoming (Lincoln)
50,836,000 USD (Fifty Million Eight Hundred and Thirty-Six Thousand $)

State Bank Of Green River (State Bank of Green River)
#30 Shoshone Avenue
82935 Green River
Wyoming (Sweetwater)
21,103,000 USD (Twenty-One Million One Hundred and Three Thousand $)

Wyoming National Bank (Wyoming National Bank)
1700 N. Federal Boulevard
82501 Riverton
Wyoming (Fremont)
33,409,000 USD (Thirty-Three Million Four Hundred and Nine Thousand $)

Teton Pines Commercial Center (The Jackson Barclay bank us airways credit card Bank)
3445 North Pines Way, Suite
83014 Wilson
Wyoming (Teton)
22,713,000 USD compass bank routing number texas Million Seven Hundred and Thirteen Thousand $)

East Casper Branch (First Interstate Bank)
521 Southeast Wyoming Boulev
82609 Casper
Wyoming (Natrona)
38,370,000 USD (Thirty-Eight Million Three Hundred and Seventy Thousand $)

Lander Office (First Interstate Bank)
735 Main Street
82520 Lander
Wyoming (Fremont)
17,704,000 USD (Seventeen Million Seven Hundred and Four Thousand $)

Cy Albertson's Branch (First Interstate Bank)
first bank of wyoming lovell wy Cy Avenue
82604 Casper
Wyoming (Natrona)
14,877,000 USD (Fourteen Million Eight Hundred and Seventy-Seven Thousand $)

West Laramie Branch (First Interstate Bank)
1771 Snowy Range Road
82070 Laramie
Wyoming (Albany)
10,660,000 USD (Ten Million Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand $)

Fort Washakie Branch (Central Bank and Trust)
14615 U.S. Highway 287
82514 Fort Washakie
Wyoming (Fremont)
8,960,000 USD (Eight Million Nine Hundred and Sixty Thousand $)

Lander Branch (U.S. Bank National Association)
505 Main St
82520 Lander
Wyoming (Fremont)
9,395,000 USD (Nine Million Three Hundred and Ninety-Five Thousand $)

Riverton Branch (U.S. Bank National Association)
215 N Broadway
82501 Riverton
Wyoming (Fremont)
13,361,000 USD (Thirteen Million Three Hundred and Sixty-One Thousand $)

Tri-County Bank, National Association (Tri-County National Bank)
421 Vandehei Avenue
82003 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
16,444,000 USD (Sixteen Million Four Hundred and Fourty-Four Thousand $)

Cheyenne First bank of wyoming lovell wy Branch (U.S. Bank National Association)
2020 Carey Ave
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
85,529,000 USD (Eigthy-Five Million Five Hundred and Twenty-Nine Thousand $)

Sheridan Branch (Community First National Bank)
2 North Main Street
82801 Sheridan
Wyoming (Sheridan)
35,636,000 USD (Thirty-Five Million Six Hundred and Thirty-Six Thousand $)

Saratoga Branch (Community First National Bank)
302 North First Street
82331 Saratoga
Wyoming (Carbon)
17,793,000 USD (Seventeen Million Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousand $)

Glenrock Branch (Hilltop National Bank)
313 South 4th Street
82637 Glenrock
Wyoming (Converse)
16,707,000 USD (Sixteen Million Seven Hundred and Seven Thousand $)

Riverton Main Branch (Community First National Bank)
123 East Main Street
82501 Riverton
Wyoming (Fremont)
41,642,000 USD (Fourty-One Million Six Hundred and Fourty-Two Thousand $)

Lovell Branch (First National Bank and Trust Company)
284 East Main Street
82431 Lovell
Wyoming (Big Horn)
16,675,000 USD (Sixteen First bank of wyoming lovell wy Six Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand $)

Cheyenne Branch (Pinnacle Bank - Wyoming)
1501 South Greeley Highway
82007 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
20,206,000 USD (Twenty Million Two Hundred and Six Thousand $)

Pointe Frontier Branch (The American National Bank)
1406 Prairie Avenue
82009 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
0 USD (zero $)

Cheyenne Frontier Branch (U.S. Bank National Association)
1437 Prairie Avenue
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
16,372,000 USD (Sixteen Million Three Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand $)

Cheyenne Branch (Security First Bank)
2501 East Lincoln Way
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
17,396,000 USD (Seventeen Million Three Hundred and Ninety-Six Thousand $)

Pershing In-Store Branch (The American National Bank)
3355 E Pershing Blvd
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
1,144,000 USD (One Million One Hundred and Fourty-Four Thousand $)

Cheyenne Branch (First National Bank of Wyoming)
2014 Warren Avenue
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
30,620,000 USD (Thirty Million Six Hundred and Twenty Thousand $)

Albertson's Yellowstone Branch (The American National Bank)
5800 Yellowstone Road
82009 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
7,135,000 USD (Seven Million One Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand $)

Cheyenne State Bank (Cheyenne State Bank)
101 West 19th Street
first bank of wyoming lovell wy Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
10,831,000 USD (Ten Million Eight Hundred and Thirty-One Thousand $)

Cheyenne Branch (Western Bank of Cheyenne)
5538 Yellowstone Road
82009 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
5,782,000 USD (Five Million Seven Hundred and Eigthy-Two Thousand $)

Cheyenne Dell Range Branch (First Interstate Bank)
4612 Rue Terre
82009 Cheyenne
Wyoming (Laramie)
10,014,000 USD (Ten Million Fourteen Thousand $)

Cozad Branch (Security First Bank)
818 Avenue F
69130 Cozad
Nebraska (Dawson)
14,457,000 USD (Fourteen Million Four Hundred and Fifty-Seven First bank of wyoming lovell wy $)

Mobile Branch (Security First Bank)
101 East Second Street
69360 Rushville
Nebraska (Sheridan)
0 USD (zero $)

Detached Tellers' Facility (Security First Bank)
135 Elm Street
69339 Crawford
Nebraska (Dawes)
0 USD (zero $)

Meadow Lane Branch (Security First Bank)
900 North 70th Street
68505 Lincoln
Nebraska (Lancaster)
13,198,000 USD (Thirteen Million One Any malls open today and Ninety-Eight Thousand $)

Old Cheney Branch (Security First Bank)
5710 South 53rd Street
68516 Lincoln
Nebraska (Lancaster)
34,881,000 USD (Thirty-Four Million Eight Hundred and Eigthy-One Thousand $)

Van Dorn Branch (Security First Bank)
4811 Van Dorn
68506 Lincoln
Nebraska (Lancaster)
11,122,000 USD (Eleven Million One Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand $)

Arapahoe Branch (Security First Bank)
3300 South 10th Street
68502 Lincoln
Nebraska (Lancaster)
5,137,000 USD (Five Million One Hundred and Thirty-Seven Thousand $)

Laramie Branch (Security First Bank)
608 Grand Avenue
82070 Laramie
Wyoming (Albany)
8,366,000 USD (Eight Million Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand $)

Opelousas Branch (Washington State Bank)
1807 South Union Street
70570 Opelousas
Louisiana (St. Landry)
9,143,000 USD (Nine Million One Hundred and Fourty-Three Thousand $)

Giddings Branch (Coastal Banc, S.S.B.)
708 East Austin
78942 Giddings
Texas (Lee)
25,547,000 USD (Twenty-Five Million Five Hundred and Fourty-Seven Thousand $)

American Bank & Trust Of The Cumberlands (American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands)
808 West Main Street
38570 Livingston
Tennessee (Overton)
46,275,000 USD (Fourty-Six Million Two Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand $)

Poughkeepsie Branch (Hudson United Bank)
21 Market Street
12602 Poughkeepsie
New York (Dutchess)
70,954,000 USD (Seventy Million Nine Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand $)

Balcones Bank, S.S.B. (Balcones Bank, S.S.B.)
301 North C M Allen Parkway
78666 San Marcos
Texas (Hays)
33,978,000 USD (Thirty-Three Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand $)

Ontario Branch (Panhandle State Bank)
98 South Oregon Street
97914 Ontario
Oregon (Malheur)
61,447,000 USD (Sixty-One Million Four Hundred and Fourty-Seven Thousand $)

Kearny Street Branch (United Commercial Bank)
900 Kearny Street
94133 San Francisco
California (San Francisco)
89,639,000 USD (Eigthy-Nine Million Six Hundred and Thirty-Nine Thousand $)

West University Branch (Bank of America, National Association)
6732 Stella Link
77005 Houston
Texas (Harris)
70,921,000 USD (Seventy Million Nine Hundred and Twenty-One Thousand $)

Lynnwood Financial Center Branch (Washington Mutual Bank)
4001 Alderwood Mall Boulevar
98036 Lynnwood
Washington (Snohomish)
67,727,000 USD (Sixty-Seven Million Seven Hundred and Twenty-Seven Thousand $)

Sacramento Branch (First Bank)
865 Howe Avenue
95825 Sacramento
California (Sacramento)
123,467,000 USD (One Hundred and Twenty-Three Million Four Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand $)

Original information:
# FDIC Certificate Number: 31966
# FRB ID Number: 529172.00000000
# OTS Docket Number: 7664.00000000
# Institution Name: SECURITY FIRST BANK
# Institution Name: Security First Bank
# FRB ID Number (Band Holding Company): 1057850.00000000
# Name of regulatory high hold (BHC): FIRST STATE BANCSHARES, INC.
# Multi-Bank Holding Company flag: 1.00000000
# No Bank Holding Company flag: 0.00000000
# One Chase bank leestown road lexington ky Holding Company flag: 0.00000000
# State Code(BHC): NE
# City (Bank Holding Company): SCOTTSBLUFF
# Unit Bank flag: 0.00000000
# Primary Federal Regulator: FDIC
# Primary Insurance Fund: SAIF
# OAKAR flag: 0.00000000
# Charter Agent Code: STATE
# Charter Agent Name: State Agency
# FRB District Number: 10.00000000
# Institution Class: NM
# Class Number: 21
# QBP Region Number: 6.00000000
# QBP Region Name: West
# FDIC Region Number: 14
# FDIC Region Name: San Francisco
# Federal Reserve District Name: Kansas City
# OCC District Number: 4
# OCC Region Name: Midwest District
# OTS Region Name: West
# OTS Region Number: 5.00000000
# State Code: WY
# State Name (Institution Headquarters): Wyoming
# State Number (Institution): 56
# County Name(Institution): Laramie
# County Number (Institution): 21.00000000
# State and County Number (Institution): 56021.00000000
# Institution Headquarters, City: Cheyenne
# Institution Headquarters, City (USPS): Cheyenne
# Address (Institution): P. O. Box 129
# Zip Code (Institution): 82001
# Place Code Number: 0.00000000
# FIPS CMSA Code (Main Office): 0
# MSA Code (Institution): 0
# FIPS Country Name: United States
# New Brick and Mortar flag: 0.00000000
# Federal Charter flag: 0.00000000
# State Charter flag: 1.00000000
# TFR Report flag: 0.00000000
# Call Report flag: 1.00000000
# Insured Commercial Bank flag: 1.00000000
# Insured Savings Institution flag: 0.00000000
# Insured Institution flag: 1.00000000
# Insured FDIC flag: 1.00000000
# Escrow Accounts (TFR): 0.00000000
# International Banking Act entity flag: 0.00000000
# U.S. branches of foreign institutions flag: 0.00000000
# SASSER flag: 1.00000000
# Demand Deposit in Insured Branches: 0.00000000
# Time and Saving Deposit in Insured Branches: 0.00000000
# Total Domestic Deposits for the institutions: 53972.00000000
# Total Domestic Deposits: 53972.00000000
# Deposits (Branch) (in thousand of dollars): 28210.00000000
# Total Assets: 65355.00000000
# Assets Size Indicator: 3.00000000
# Assets 100M to 300M flag: 0.00000000
# Assets Over 10B flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 1B to 3B flag: 0.00000000
# Assets Under 25M flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 25M to 50M flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 300M to 500M flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 3B to 10B flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 500M to 1B flag: 0.00000000
# Assets 50M to 100M flag: 1.00000000
# Branch Domicile Indicator: 1.00000000
# SOD Region Book Number: 6
# Domestic Institution flag: 1.00000000
# Office Number: 0
# Office Type: MO
# Main Office Designation flag: 1.00000000
# Branch Designation flag: 0.00000000
# Unique Identification Number (Branch): 44800.00000000
# Name (Branch)): Security First Bank
# State Code (Branch): WY
# State Name (Branch): Wyoming
# State Number (Branch): 56
# County Name (Branch): Laramie
# Country Number (Branch): 21.00000000
# State and County Number (Branch): 56021
# City (Reported)(Branch): Cheyenne
# City (USPS)(Branch): Cheyenne
# Address(Branch): 500 West 18th Street
# Zip Code (Branch): 82001
# FIPS CMSA Code (Branch): 0
# MSA Code (Branch): 0
# FIPS Country Name (Branch): United States
# Branch Service Type: 11
# Consol/Estimated/Non-Dep: 0
# FDIC Region Number Branch): 14
# FDIC Region Name (Branch): San Francisco
# Call Report flag (Branch): 1.00000000
# TFR Report flag (Branch): 0.00000000
# Report Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
# Report Date (YYMMDD): 2003-06-30
# Report Date (YYMM): 2020-03-06
# Data Source Identifier: SIMS_I
# GEO_Census_Block_Group: 560210007001
# Core Based Statistical Area Name (Institution): Cheyenne, WY
# Combined Statistical Areas (Institution): 0
# Core Based Statistical Areas (Institution): 16940
# Metropolitan Statistical Areas (Branch): 16940
# Metropolitan Statistical Area Name (Branch): Cheyenne, WY
# Combined Statistical Areas (Branch): 0
# Core Based Statistical Areas (Branch): 16940
# Core Based Statistical Area Name (Branch): Cheyenne, WY
# Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 0
# Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 1
# Micropolitan Divisions Flag (Branch): 0
# Metropolitan Statistical Areas (Institution): 16940
# Metropolitan Statistical Area Name (Institution): Cheyenne, WY
# Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 0
# Metropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 1
# Micropolitan Divisions Flag (Institution): 0
# Industry Specialization Group: 4.00000000
# Industry Specialization Description: COMMERCIAL LENDING
# New England County Metro Areas (Branch): 0.00000000
# New England County Metro Areas (Institution): 0.00000000


Dentist Serving Cody

Our Comprehensive Services

Close-up of an attractive smile

Life is easier when you can have all of your dental needs met in one convenient location. At Lovell Dental, Dr. Anderson and our team work together to offer the wide range how long did brian banks play in the nfl services that smiles of all ages need from time to time.

Our treatment areas include the following:

  • Preventive dentistry, which helps us stop issues like tooth decay and gum disease before they start. This includes checkups and cleanings, X-rays, fluoride treatments, and more.
  • Restorative dentistry including tooth-colored fillings, root canal, extractions, and more. Most patients will need a little help in this area at some point in time. Our commitment to using the latest technology helps to ensure that all treatments are as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  • Cosmetic dentistry, which we look forward to discussing once you have achieved complete oral health. Our services include Zoom® Whitening, Invisalign®, and more.
  • Comprehensive dental implant treatments, from placement to restoration. Dr. Anderson’s expertise includes traditional procedures as well as All-on-4 dental implants, connective tissue grafting, and much more.

We Accept Dental Insurance, Too

Family smiling at the park

Of course, Cody, Byron, and Powell families know a dentist wouldn’t really be worth the drive if their services weren’t affordable. To help, Lovell Dental accepts a wide range of dental insurance. What’s more, we will take care of all the paperwork for you -- to take the headache out of using dental insurance. For patients who do not have dental insurance, financing and Medicaid are accepted, too. It’s easy to save when you visit Lovell Dental, the dentist serving Powell, Byron, Cody, and all surrounding communities.

Where to Find Lovell Dental

Dental employee smiling while talking on the phone

Our modern dental practice is conveniently located at 240 E. Main Street in Lovell, right between the Lovell Chronicle office and First Bank of Wyoming. Plug our address into your GPS and it shouldn’t be hard to find us at all, but clash royale all epic cards you do get lost along the way don’t hesitate to give us a ring. Lovell Dental is open regular office hours -- but even earlier to accommodate before-work appointments. We want to make it easy to visit the dentist!

Visit Lovell’s Trusted Dentist Today!

Dental office waiting area

If you are interested in learning more about the trusted dentist near Byron, Powell, and Cody, we invite you to get in touch with us ASAP! Contact our office to discuss our comprehensive services or to schedule an appointment for you or your family today.


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Wyoming Banks

Wyoming Banks

  • American National Bank: Locations in Colorado and Wyoming
  • Armed Forces Bank: FE Warren AFB - Wyoming. Additional Locations in: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming
  • Bank of Commerce: Rawlins, WY
  • Bank of Jackson Hole: Jackson, Dubois, Teton Village, Alpine
  • Bank of the West: Several Locations in the following states; Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Ulta lynnwood store hours, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, The huntington national bank inc, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington Wisconsin, Wyoming.
  • Big Horn Federal Savings Bank: Cody, Greybull, Lovell, Powell, Thermopolis, Worland
  • Buffalo Federal Savings Bank: Buffalo, WY + (Bank of Gillette; Gillette, WY), (Bank of Sheridan; Sheridan, WY), (First Bank; Evansville, WY)
  • Central Bank and Trust: Lander, Riverton, Ft. Washakie
  • First Interstate Bank: Wyoming Locations; Buffalo, Casper, Cheyenne, Gillete, Jackson, Lander, Laramie, Riverton, Sheridan + Locations in Montana
  • First National Bank of Buffalo: Buffalo, WY
  • First National Bank: (Bank of Pinedale (Glacier Bank Corp)): Evanston, Kemmerer, Mtn. View, Afton, Pinedale, Alpine
  • First National Bank of Wyoming: Laramie, Cheyenne
  • First State Bank: Wheatland, Torrington
  • First State Bank of Newcastle: Newcastle, Wyoming
  • Hilltop National Bank: Casper, Wyoming
  • Oregon Trail Bank: Guernsey, Chugwater, Cheyenne
  • Pinnacle Bank: Nebraska Locations; Arnold, Aurora, Beatrice, Central City, Columbus, Crete, Elkhorn, Elwood, Grant, Gretna, Lexington, Lincoln, Madison, Neligh, Ogallala, Omaha, O'Neill, Osceola, Page, Palmer, Papillion, Schuyler, Shelby, Verdigre, Wisner
  • Points West Bank
  • Rock Springs National Bank: Rock Springs, WY
  • Security State Bank (SSB): Basin, Worland, Gillette
  • Sundance State Bank: Sundance, Wyoming
  • The Rawlins National Bank: Rawlins, East Rawlins, Saratoga, Hanna
  • Tri-County National Bank: Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Wells Fargo Bank: More than 3,000 locations and 6,500 ATMs nationwide.
  • Wyoming Bank & Trust: Cheyenne, WY
  • Wyoming National Bank: Riverton, Lander
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First Bank of Wyoming

Home > First Bank of Mobile app development company in usa as of 2012-04-30 Merger - Without Assistance
Successor Bank:Glacier BankHeadquarters:First Bank of Wyoming
245 East First
Powell, WY82435Established:1912-01-01FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01FDIC Cert:#2226Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC# of Branches:4Total Assets:$403,045,000Total Deposits:$292,834,000


1912-01-01Institution established: Original name:The First National Bank of Powell
1993-09-17Acquired Lovell National Bank (25717) in LOVELL, WY
1998-01-21Changed name to First National Bank and Trust Company
2011-06-30Changed institution class to INSURED COMMERCIAL BANKS, STATE, NOT MEMBERS OF THE FRS
2011-06-30Changed name to First Bank of Wyoming
2012-04-30Acquired Mountain West Bank (33844) in COEUR D ALENE, ID
2012-04-30Acquired Valley Bank of Helena (22747) in HELENA, MT
2012-04-30Acquired First Security Bank of Missoula (21010) in MISSOULA, MT
2012-04-30Acquired 1ST BANK (16522) in EVANSTON, WY
2012-04-30Acquired Western Security Bank (57248) in BILLINGS, MT
2012-04-30Acquired Big Sky Western Bank (32871) in BOZEMAN, MT
2012-04-30Acquired Citizens Community Bank (34459) in POCATELLO, ID
2012-04-30Acquired First Bank of Wyoming in POWELL, WY
2012-04-30Acquired Bank of the San Juans (34873) in DURANGO, CO
2012-04-30Acquired First Bank of Montana (2191) in LEWISTOWN, MT
2012-04-30Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Glacier Bank (30788) in KALISPELL, MT
2013-06-01Acquired First State Bank (23318) in WHEATLAND, WY
2013-08-01Acquired North Cascades National Bank (26846) in CHELAN, WA
2014-08-31Acquired First National Bank of the Rockies (3041) in GRAND JUNCTION, CO
2015-02-28Acquired Community Bank, Inc. (1979) in RONAN, MT
2015-10-31Acquired Canon National Bank (21801) in CANON CITY, CO
2016-09-01Acquired Treasure State Bank (58454) in MISSOULA, First bank of wyoming lovell wy The Foothills Bank (34573) in YUMA, AZ
2018-01-31Acquired Collegiate Peaks Bank (26916) in BUENA VISTA, CO
2018-02-28Acquired First Security Bank (1520) in BOZEMAN, MT
2019-04-29Acquired The First National Bank of Layton (2260) in LAYTON, UT
2019-07-31Acquired Heritage Bank of Nevada (34072) in RENO, NV
2020-02-29Acquired State Bank of Arizona (33508) in LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ

Financial Information (2012-03-31 and Older)

Assets and Liabilities

Cash and Balances Due


U.S. Government Obligations

Total Debt Securities

Net Loans and Leases

1- 4 Family Residential Net Loans and Leases

Loans to Depository Institutions

Total Loans and Leases in Foreign Offices

Maturity & Repricing for Loans and Leases

Small Business Loans

Loans Restructured in Troubled Debt Restructurings

Other Real Estate Owned

Goodwill and Other Intangibles

Total Deposits

Transaction Accounts

Nontransaction Accounts

Time Deposits of Less Than $100,000

Time Deposits of $100,000 or More

Deposits Based on the $100,000 Reporting Threshold

Deposits Based on the $250,000 Reporting Threshold

Deposits Held www prudential com online retirement com Foreign Offices

Changes in Bank Equity Capital

Total Unused Commitments

Letters of Credit

Total Assets and Liabilities in Foreign Offices


Past Due and Nonaccrual Assets

Past Due 30- 89 Days 1- 4 Family Residential

Past Due 90+ Days 1- 4 Family Residential

Nonaccrual 1- 4 Family Residential

Past Due and Nonaccrual Loans Wholly or Partially US Gvmt Guaranteed

Fiduciary and Related Services

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Total Fiduciary and Related Assets

Total Managed Assets held in Fiduciary Accounts

Corporate Trust and Agency Accounts

Collective Investment & Common Trust Funds

Gross Fiduciary and Related Services Income

Fiduciary settlements, surcharges, and other losses

Carrying Amount of Assets Covered by FDIC Loss- Share Agreements

Bank Assets Sold and Securitized

Maximum Amount of Credit Exposure Retained

Unused Commitments

Amount of Ownership (Seller) Interests


Income and Expense

Total Interest Income

Total Interest Expense

Trading Account Gains & Fees

Additional Noninterest Income

Additional Noninterest Expense

Loan Charge- Offs and Recoveries

Total Charge- offs 1- 4 Family Residential

Total Recoveries 1- 4 Family Residential

Net Charge- offs 1- 4 Family Residential

Cash Dividends

Interest income and expense in foreign offices

Performance and Condition Ratios

Net charge- offs to loans

Noncurrent loans to loans


Bank Of Bridger - Powell Branch

The following are this Bank Of Bridger branch's opening and closing hours:

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

9:00 AM - 4:00 First bank of wyoming lovell wy AM - 4:30 PM



The Powell Branch location of Bank Of Bridger was established Sep 27, 2004 (17 years and 2 months ago). They are one of 10 branch locations operated by Bank Of Bridger. For ATM locations, drive-thru hours, deposit info, and more information consider visiting their online banking site at:
Bank's Headquarters:

101 South Main Street
Bridger, Montana 59014

Became FDIC Insured:

Jan 1, 1934

Additional Websites where they accept or solicit for deposits:

first bank of wyoming lovell wy

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