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Latitude longitude of Chinmaya Mission in Santa Clara County, California along Airport: County Medical Center Heliport, San Jose International Airport. (4) Chinese Preforming Artists of San Jose, San Jose, Ca. Chinese School of Caacf Inc., Orlando, Fl. Chinmaya Mission Dallas - Fort Worth. Chinmaya Bala Vihar is a very popular weekend cultural school for children, operating at five locations: Berkeley, Fremont, San Mateo, San Jose and San Ramon.

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    Chinmaya Mission San Jose Publication Vol.18, No.5

    September/October 2007

    Sri Krishnaya Tubhyam Namah

  • Sri Krishna the name itself is charming. At once it evokes memories of the divine Child of VrindavanBalagopal; the blue boy clothed in yellow with flute in handVenugopal; crowned with peacock feathers, the enchanting beauty and love of Gopis Madana Mohan; the dispeller of sins and stealer of hearts 'Chitta Chor'; loyal friend who never forsook His sinscere devoteesBhakta Vatsala.

    No other master had burst upon the earth, at any other period of history,with so much of the Divine Glory expressed at once at all levels, as Sri Krishna had demonstrated in His illustrous life. At childhood, at His teenage, when young, in middle age .at all times.each day of His life upon the earth, He lived a gracious life of joyous ease and spectacular daring. He escaped no problems, avoided no pains, never shied from any situation however inconvenient it might have been. And in all His activities, there was a touch of grace, a shine of perfection, a liberal dose of personal dynamism. Be He in politics or among the cowherd boys and girls, be He in Vrindavan or Dwaraka or Hastinapur, in the devotees' company, family bed-room or war-front, here is a person who can live the majesty of His own True Nature. No conflicts, no tensions, no strains.

    Sri Krishna is the Lord of Bliss whom the Srimad Bhagavatam describes: "He is Love Incarnate and can be attained and enjoyed easily even in this life by one and all, since He is inside every being. "Salutations to the Lord, the All-Highest, of immeasurable glory, who takes Himself the three powers of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, for playing His play which brings brings about the creation, the preservation and the destruction of the Universe", declares Suka Muni.

    The prayer " Sri Krishna Paramatmane Namah" Salutaions to Lord Krishna the Supreme Truth in indeed true in letter and spirit. In the following pages, we have attempted to present the lilas (sports) of Lord Krishna, with the glympse of the Bhagavata Purana which gives the philosophy of Devotion (Bhakti).

    ~Swami Chinmayananda


    To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness,

    enabling them to become a positive contributor to the society.

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    s Table of Contents s

    From the Editors Desk. 2

    Bhagavan Veda Vyasa. 3

    Guru Purnima . . 4

    Guru and Disciple . . 5

    Sri Adi Shankaracharya . . 6

    Swami Sivananda. 8

    Swami Tapovan Maharaj . . 9

    Knowledge and Wisdom . 10

    The Divine Mother . 12

    Significance of Navaratri . 14

    Thanksgiving Camp. 16

    Practice of Vedanta Parts 6-7. . 17

    Vedanta Study Groups. . 19

    Bhakti Rasamrutam . 22

    Balavihar/Yuva Kendra Programs in the Bay Area . 23

    A Poem dedicated to Pujya Gurudev. . 24

    Adult Classes in the Bay Area . 25

    Community Outreach Programs . . 26

    BV Locations, Shiva Abhishekam, Swaranjali choir . 27

    BV Magazine. . 28

    Tapovan Prasad Magazine . 29

    Br.Prabodhji's Satsang, Gita Chanting Classes . 30

    Swami Tejomayananda's Itinerary . . 32

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    Chinmaya Tej, Vol.18 No.5, the fifth issue of 2007. In this issue we will highlight the events of the 15th Youth Camp held in July, 2007. Srimad Bhagavatam was the theme. The CYC is reported in this issue. We hope to keep you informed of all our activities and spritual messages from the great Masters.

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    by Swami Chinmayananda

    "The love of Radha and Krishna is symbolic of the eternal love affair between the devoted mortal and the Divine.

    Radha's yearning for union with her beloved Krishna is the soul's longing for spiritual awakening"

    Every aspect of Krishna and His deeds is pregnant with deep mystical symbolism,

    indicating the highest Truth. Conscious-ness is the pure Self, the sentient Life

    Principle which enlivens one's material equipment to function in their respective realms. Consciousness is the very Subject of all experiences and therefore cannot be objectively experienced.

    In Samskrit, the word Krishna means dark, indicating the Supreme Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is said to be dark,

    not as opposed to light but in the sense that it is unseen by or unknown

    to oneas long as one remains rooted in earthly experiences, limited to the

    realms of perceptions, emotions, and thoughts gained through the physical body,

    the mind, and the intellect.

    The incarnation of Krishna represents the descent of the Infinite Brahman to the material world. The ever-smiling, lotus-eyed Krishna, with a garland of flowers around His neck, is described as being blue in color and wearing yellow clothes. Blue is the color of the infinite and whatever is immeasurable can appear to the mortal eye only as blue like the sky and the ocean. Yellow represents the earth. Anything buried in the earth gathers a yellow hue; and fire earth (mud silica) emits a yellow hue. Hence the Finite blue form of Krishna clothed in yellow appropriately suggests pure infinite Consciousness. The one infinite Reality has become the world of endless forms. Therefore, every form in the universe, in a sense, is but a representation of the primeval Truth.

    Krishna and Radha

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    The Infinite, all pervading Truth, donning the finite form of a human being, gives the impression that

    Truth is fettered and limited. This idea of the limitless Truth seeming to be limited, is well brought out by the fact that Krishna is said to have been born in prison. Kamsa, Krishna's

    maternal uncle and Chanura, his minister, imprisoned his father and usurped the throne of Mathura. Their tyrannical rule caused confusion and chaos everywhere. Krishna destroyed the tyrants and restore peace and order in the land. Similarly, our bosom is usurped by two evil forces, namely, the ego and the egocentric desire, which cause agitations, worries, and anxieties within. When these two forces are conquered by one's higher nature, the

    original glory and splendor of the true Self is restored.

    Though the infinite Being seems to be limited and confined

    to a human embodi-ment, it is ever free

    and uncontaminated. The pure Self within is never affected or bound by one's material equip-ments (upadhis), that

    is, the body, mind and intellect.

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    Krishna, the beloved boy of Brindavan, is pictured amid the dancing gopis. Much criticism has been leveled against Krishna's association with these milkmaids. Little do the critics realize that the Lord is ever an unconcerned and unaffected witness, of the milkmaids' dance, even though He may be in their midst. Krishna is like the Consciousness within, which vitalizes one's thoughts (gopis

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    Our Gurus

    Swami Tapovan Maharaj

    Swami Tapovan Maharaj

    Swami Tapovan Maharaj of Uttarkashi was the “Source” wherefrom Swami Chinmayananda (The Founder of the Chinmaya Movement) acquired the Knowledge of Vedanta (Science of Religion).

    In a spirit of deep renunciation, the infinitely gentle poet in him saw Humanity and Nature as one vast “plant, needing only “Love” for its highest fulfillment. Intimate communion with Nature (while he walked peaks and valleys of the Himalayas for countless years), gave Swami Tapovan the boundless spiritual reverence.

    He revealed Nature’s secrets in two Sanskrit masterpieces, “Himagiri Viharam” and “Kailasa Yatra”. The masterpiece, without a doubt, is “Iswara Darshan”, which is an absorbing account of a search for the Truth. Its scientific clarity is subtle, because the treatise gives insight into how the saints of the East attain self-mastery.

    Swami Chinmayananda

    Swami Chinmayananda

    Swami Chinmayananda, or Pujya Gurudev, is the founding Father of Chinmaya Mission. He was one of the world’s foremost Vedantic scholars and one of India’s most respected spiritual leaders. A gifted speaker, Swami Chinmayananda built an intense rapport with his audiences and communicated the teachings with vibrancy and wit. He taught Hindu philosophy in its most ancient and purest form, Vedanta, as it has been passed on from teacher to student since time immemorial.

    Swami Chinmayananda began his study of Vedanta as a skeptical journalist, bringing with him the secular knowledge gained through degrees in science, literature and law. After spending many years in the Himalayas under the tutelage of Swami Sivananda and Swami Tapovanam, he started spreading the joyous vision of Vedanta, which was shrouded in rituals, secrecy and Sanskrit, to the inquiring men and women around the world.

    He also established schools, colleges, Hari Har Schools for the under privileged, old-age homes for the senior citizens, hospitals, clinics, temples, community outreach programs, in Sidhabari in the Himalayas, to name a few of the social upliftment programs.

    He attained Mahasamadhi in 1993 leaving behind a rich legacy for future generations.

    Swami Tejomayananda

    Swami Tejomayananda

    Swami Tejomayananda, or Pujya Guruji as he is affectionately known, stands out as a teacher who is eloquent yet humble, putting into practice what he teaches as the right way of living. The spiritual call came to him in 1970 when he heard a Geeta discourse given by Swami Chinmayananda. He was inspired to join the Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya in Bombay. On graduating as Brahmachari Vivek Chaitanya, he served the cause in the field for a few years. Then he was posted at Sandeepany Himalayas as Acharya and conducted a Brahmachari Training Course in Hindi. In 1983, he was initiated into Sannyasa by Pujya Gurudev and came to be known as Swami Tejomayananda.

    After Pujya Gurudev attained Maha-samadhi on August 3rd, 1993, Swamiji was appointed the Head of Chinmaya Mission. He enhanced all the programs Gurudev had set in motion. In January 2017 he handed the torch as Head of Chinmaya Mission, Worldwide to Swami Swaroopananda

    Swami Swaroopananda

    In an era ripe with scepticism and confusion about matters spiritual, Swami Swaroopananda is a rare voice that blends authenticity with accessibility; theory with self- practice; logic with heart.

    Formerly the Regional Head of Chinmaya Mission Australia, United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa and Far East, and presently Chairman of the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth Trust (University for Sanskrit and Indic Traditions) and Director of the Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore, South India, Swami Swaroopananda has now been bestowed by Swami Tejomayananda the privilege to also serve as the Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide.

    Our Services

    Vedanta Camp

    Every summer, the worldwide head of Chinmaya Mission (now Swami Swaroopananda) visits Krishnalaya and conducts a week-long camp on a classic Vedantic text. About 100 adults are privileged to stay on-site in the Ashram setting while being in their exalted presence.
    These were the texts covered in the past few years:

    • September 9-15, 2019 – Make It Happen workshop Conducted by Swami Swaroopananda
    • July 20-25, 2018 – Jnana Sara (text by Swami Tejomayananda) and Ram Gita from Ramcharitamanas, Camp Conducted by Swami Swaroopananda
    • July 8-13, 2017- Sad Darshanam, Camp Conducted by Swami Swaroopananda
    • June 28-July 4, 2016 – Bhagawad Geeta Chapter 13
    • June 15-21, 2015 – Sri Rama Geeta
    • June 2-7, 2014: Purusha Suktam and ‘Sthitaprajna Lakshana’ of Bhagawad Geeta, Chapter 2
    • June 18-23, 2013: Advaita Makaranda
    • June 1-8, 2012: Meditation

    Thanksgiving Camp

    Every Thanksgiving Chinmaya Mission San Jose conducts a residential camp at Krishnalaya. The text and acharya varies every year. Check out this website: CMSJ for more details.

    Create your own getaway

    If there is no Chinmaya Mission event taking place, the ashram is available for rent.
    The ashram presently houses a beautiful 200-person lecture hall with air conditioning, a state-of-the-art sound system, a big screen television, and multimedia equipment. The ashram lodges 80 people comfortably and has a commercial kitchen, dining hall, satsang hall, and temple shrine.
    Residential fees vary. The kitchen is fully equipped; usage is subject to additional charges. Outside groups are welcome. Groups need to have their own cooking and cleaning staff. Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and drugs are strictly restricted anywhere on the property.
    Please contact us for further information.


    The area around San Jose Municipal Rose Garden bustles with activity every Sunday morning. Cars slow down near Lincoln High School and wait for women in saris and men in kurtas to cross the road. Pigtailed girls in salwar kameez play tag on the school lawns. At 9 a.m. children wave their parents goodbye and run toward their respective classes.

    In the class, they take a break from math, Kumon, and piano to learn something entirely different. They sit wide-eyed as their teachers tell them tales from Hindu mythology. Elsewhere, men and women debate about the relevance of Bhagavad Gita in today’s life.

    “As human beings we have several duties to fulfill,” says Subbu Venkatkrishnan, a board member of Chinmaya Mission, San Jose.  “One of them is Acharya Rina, or the debt one has towards ones’ teachers. We fulfill that by to passing on our knowledge harpswell maine real estate listings the next generation.” The mission conducts Balavihar courses for children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Younger children learn bhajans, slokas, and morals from various epic stories, while the older kids learn scriptures. Currently, 1,950 children attend Balavihar. The success of the program is evident from the year over year rise in the enrollment.

    Chinmaya Mission has been renting various properties around the Bay Area for their classes. Due to the high cost of rentals and exponential increase in enrollment the mission is venturing to build a new ashram on Clayton Road in San Jose. This new building will have 20 classrooms, a lecture hall, and a temple. The estimated cost for this new ashram is $7.6 million. “We are 100 percent volunteer based. So, we are looking to the community to help raise money for the building,” says Venkatkrishnan.


    In order to raise funds, the mission is organizing a 5K/10K run/walk. The goal is to have 100 percent participation from the Chinmaya Mission families and friends and raise $100,000. “The kids are extremely excited about OM run and their enthusiasm is infectious,” says Sanjay Bombwal, a member of the OM run volunteer team.

    Ruhi, a first-grader has this heart-warming message on her fundraising web page. “Dear Family & Friends, I go to Chinmaya Mission Bal Vihar to learn a lot of important things. Chinmaya Mission is very important to me, and my family. I get to learn about Rama and Krishna, Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha and Hanuman. Many people have joined Chinmaya Mission and we need to get a bigger place—but that is expensive! So, I want to raise money for the new building. And for that, I am participating in the Om Run Walkathon/Run. Would you like to help me reach my goal? Could you please make a donation of any amount by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button soon? And, it is tax-deductible—you don’t have to pay any taxes. Thank you very much. Love, Ruhi”

    The OM run will be held in the scenic Los Gatos Creek trail. The run will start in downtown Los Gatos, where the trails nestle comfortably between lush green hills. The turn around point of the trail will be Vasona Park. “Our goal is to have every participant reach the finish line without injury,” says Prasana Iyengar, a member of the OM Run training team. “We are placing a lot of emphasis on training. Safety is our number one priority. We have put together an emergency-response team for the event.”

    Camaraderie is visible in the training sessions. Each participant is assigned a mentor. The mentor tailors the training program to match individual needs. Special care has been taken to meet the needs of senior citizens who are participating in the event. All mentors are experienced marathon runners who are volunteering their time for this event.

    Brahmachari Prabodh Chaitanya is the resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission San Jose, and teaches Bhagavad Gita and other devotional texts. He explains complex philosophical concepts using simple everyday examples. He and many of his students will be participating in this event as well.

    Venkatkrishnan says, “There is no dichotomy. Physical fitness and spiritual journey are not orthogonal entities. Physical well being is essential for spiritual well being.”

    Sujatha Ramprasad loves to read poetry and  philosophy. She is an ardent fan of Harry Potter.

    Sunday, March 21, 10 a.m. Los Gatos High School, 20 High School Court, Los Gatos. To participate, write to [email protected] or[email protected]


    1 Chinmaya-Tej Web-site: Chinmaya Mission San Jose Publication Vol.20, No.3 May/

    2 Mission Statement To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become a positive contributor to the society. Constant Reflection When you see the area of the palm of the hand, you see the palm plus the light that is illumining it. When you remove the palm, what remains is light, which you cannot perceive but you intuitively know it is there. If you can subtract and reject the object from any thought in you, you can reach for that state of consciousness in which the thought shines. In case you are able to do this, your life is fulfilled. One does not realize the enormity of the loss, if after trillions of lives you come to gain a human birth and you do not utilize it to fulfill you life and reach the Goal.

    3 s Table of Contents chinmaya mission san jose ca From the Editor s Desk CMSJ-New Facility Status of the Building Project Acharya Conference Youth Meet March One Year Residential Vedanta Course Bala Vihar and Yuva Kendra Programs BalaVihar Fourth Grade Classes Bala Vihar / Yuva Kendra and Language Classes BV Locations, Shiva Abhishekam, Swaranjali Choir Community Outreach Program Bhakti Rasamrutam BalVihar Kids Magazine Gita Chanting Classes for Children Tapovan Prasad Magazine Chinmaya Study Group Scheme Vedanta Adult Study Groups /31 Br.Prabodhji's Satsang Br.Prabodhji's Classes Swami Tejomayananda's Itinerary

    4 From The Editors Desk Chinmaya Tej, is a bi-monthly publication of Chinmaya Mission San Jose. CMSJ is in the process of getting the necessary permits to build the New Facility. The City of San Jose is studying the building drawings and when they are approved we shall begin the construction of our New Building. We are happy to show you some elevation drawings of the projects. We invite you to visit the site when you can. News and events update via e-newsletter on CMSJ web-site is serving our timely announcements. Please keep us updated with your addresses and send them to If you do not hear from us or Chinmaya Tej, please forward your address and to me indicated on this page. Chinmaya Tej is also available for viewing on our website. Chinmaya-Tej will be mailed to all Sponsors and Members of Chinmaya Mission San Jose. Send your subscription marked, Chinmaya-Tej, CMSJ, 1050 Park Ave., San Jose, CA Chinmaya Tej Editorial Staff Editor: Uma Jeyarasasingam Co-editor: Rohini Joshi Electronic Editorial Advisor: Satish Joshi Contributors: Brahmachari Adarsh Chaitanya, Subbu Venkatkrishnan, Uma Jeyarasasingam, Rohini Joshi Design & Layout: four waters / four waters media Printing: Bill Browning/PigMint Press, Redway, California Data Base: Kapil Vaish Mailing: Autozip, Ukiah, California Contact us: Phone: (650) Fax: (650)

    5 Status of the Building Project Welcome back to the session. We trust that all of you had a great summer. We have a great session planned for this year including the upcoming Navarathri celebrations, Samashti Deepavali pooja, Thanksgiving camp, Christmas camp etc. Our Acharya will continue his discourses at Sandeepany and during Balavihar sessions. We hope all of you take advantage of the same and continue on the path of spiritual learning that is available here in the Bay area. Over 1700 students have already registered this year for Balavihar and we expect that the final tally will cross This will be a 10% growth y/y and showcases the value that this program brings to the community. This is faster than our planned growth (leading to more challenges that we are pleased to accept!) and only reminds us of the importance of the new building project. Let us give you a quick update of the same: We started the New Building project on Allen edmonds dress shoes sale Shivarathri in 2006 and acquired the property in January 2008 (2 buildings, ~11,000 sq ft total, 1.7 acres) at a cost of $2.6M. We spent $2M of our own money to purchase this property and had a $0.6M mortgage. We are happy to report that this mortgage has been fully paid off thanks to your support! We are currently using this property for community events such as Bala Utsav etc. In addition, we have retained Archevon (Jain temple, Sunnyvale temple architects) to help us tear down and re-build a facility that suits our needs. Plans have been drawn up for a building of 25,000 sf that include a temple, Acharya s quarters, lecture hall, classrooms, bookstore, office, garden, and adequate parking. We have revised this a few times with feedback from the city planners. Food shelf life testing labs near me are currently continuing discussions with the City, having already received informal feedback on the We have revised this a few times with feedback from the city planners. We are currently continuing discussions with the City, having already received informal feedback on the plan, and are preparing the plans for formal submission. Please note that this is only the first major step and there are many more steps that need to be taken to receive approval. 3

    6 A lot of hard work has gone into working with the city planners and the architects in getting this far and we thank all of you for your patience and support of the same. At the same time, we have also made significant progress in our fund-raising efforts. Over the past year, we have raised an additional $0.5M. We are still about $1M away from our final goal, and are counting on your support to make this happen. Here is how we stand: Costs Acquisition costs: New Building construction costs: Total project cost: Sources of Funds Already paid: Equity against 1050 Park Ave: New Mortgage that we can take: Cash on hand: Need to raise: Total: $2.6M $5.0M $7.6M $2.6M $1.0M $2.2M $0.8M $1.0M $7.6M Of the $1.0M that we still need to raise, we are targeting $400K this calendar year. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and Gurudev s vision coming to fruition! We are making progress with this project and we need your help this year to meet our goal of $400K by Dec. 31st Please make a contribution towards our goal some of our patrons have donated a few thousand dollars, some more and some less, but every contribution counts! We also accept in-kind contributions, including securities and the entire contribution is usually tax-deductible. To make a donation, please click on Contribute Your Bit towards the CMSJ New Facility on our web page ( HYPERLINK org/ or make a check payable to Chinmaya Mission San Jose and mail it to us. We look forward to your support. May Gurudev bless you all! CMSJ Board 4

    7 2009 Acharya Conference ACHARYA CONFERENCE 2009 for Tej A few sparks of the Fire were united in the first overseas Acharya conference held at the picturesque Chinmaya Vibhooti from 19th - 23rd May The participants of the conference were representing the countries New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, South Africa, France, Canada, USA and Trinidad. We had Acharyas who have been directly transformed by Pujya Gurudev and have been serving His Vision for over three decades. On the other side of the spectrum, we found those who have never met Pujya Gurudev and are enthusiastically serving His Vision for just a couple of years. This opportunity was magnificent and we can t thank Pujya Guruji enough for it. Many of the Acharyas were meeting each other for the first time. There were also a few reunions taking place as well. Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda convened the Conference, the first of its kind in Chinmaya Mission. Â (above) The Acharyas Conference May 19-23, 2009 group picture taken at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Post Kolwan, Taluka Mulashi, PuneIndia. 5

    8 The purpose of the conference was clearly outlined in Pujya Guruji s inaugural address. To give the acharyas an opportunity to get to know each other and share their vision and work done in their respective centres; To Keep the Vision Glowing by re-asserting Pujya Gurudev s vision in mind so that we don t lose sight; To bring forth any organisational matters which we were facing in our centres which needed guidance from Pujya Guruji and the Senior Acharyas; And to look ahead at how we can celebrate the centenary celebration of Pujya Gurudev s Jayanti. During the conference Pujya Guruji ensured that even this activity is kept in line with the main aim of the Mission and did not deteriorate into a winging session for the Acharyas by ensuring that we all undertook Vedanta Vichar. After all, the clear understanding of the principles of Vedanta ends all delusion. Guruji said that through consistent vichar on these principles is born clarity of knowledge and clarity of purpose. Vedånta-vichårena jåyate Gyånam-uttamam For this, we were given four Group discussion topics on Vedånta, one for each day and also topics to speak on Bhagavad Geeta for 5 to 8 minutes every evening. Even though these topics were given a year ago to all the Acharyas I must admit that I had put off in preparing for them and it was not till the last minute when I found myself burning the midnight oil when it became evident that there was no escape from it. (Mind you, the burning of midnight oil was partly thanks to MY BLOOD relatives in the Vibhooti, the beloved mosquitoes. There was sufficient time in the day to reflect on the verses, I guess Pujya Guruji knew my plight a year before I found myself in it.) We also had a very valuable session called, Sharing the Vision with Senior Acharyas where all the Acharyas of the different regions spoke for 15 minutes and covered the following topics: the work that is being done in their respective countres or region, their vision of Chinmaya Mission based on their experience; and the vision for the future of Chinmaya Mission in their respective centres. The schedule also included sessions taken by Pujya Guruji on the discussion group topics (discussed by the Acharyas the day before). The four discussion topics were as follows What are the distinct features of Hindu religion? How do you prove the re-incarnation theory? How do you convince yourself that the Upanishads reveal Advaita? What are the salient features of karma, upasana, jnana and dhyana? Some of the salient points highlighted 6

    9 by Pujya Guruji on the discussion group topics were as follows: Pujya Guruji spoke about the common notions of Hindu Religion and they were: The Hindu Religion is very confusing and certain traditions and superstitions become Hinduism. When we do not understand the means and its purpose (Sadhya and Sadhana Viveka) of any system and continue to follow them there will be aberrations in that system. We can t blame the system for that. Thus, today s Hinduism is based on the pillars of cast-system, superstition, mere ritualism, fate-based pessimism and a society lacking in true heroism based on its false notions of nonviolence. This is because we have not understood the goal of Dharma as a whole. Every system must have a purpose, so what is the purpose of Dharma? The Purpose of (Sanatana) Dharma is defined as: Yatho Abhyudaya Nishreyasa Praptih that by which one gains all round prosperity and the ultimate goal in life or moksha; If Nishreyasa or seeking the highest goal in life is not understood, then all the practices of religion will appear confusing and meaningless; The Goal of dharma must be moksha. Therefore, abhyudaya must be in line with nishreyasa. Dharma is the Sadhana (Means) and Moksha is the Sadhya (Goal). This is the total picture. When this total picture is absent then the various instructions and injunctions are misunderstood. E.g. crossing the ocean is adharma. If we understand the spirit behind this injunction it is valid. We know when we go overseas we need to make many compromises in our value system and life-styles, etc. Thus, many times we are unable to maintain the pristine purity of our culture and often it gets mixed with other cultures. We see that 7

    10 with inter-racial marriages and its conflicts. Thus, to maintain the purity of our culture it was advised not to cross the seas. There are three aspects to Dharma: Darshan Shastra Philosophy or Adhyatma aspect; Dharma Shastra Ethics; Samaj Shastra Social codes; All the three aspects are geared to gain Moksha (Total Freedom or Peace), whether it be samajic dharma or otherwise, only when the injunctions/ suggestions are seen in this light of its central purpose then their validity is seen. The Vedas are divided in 2 parts in order to fulfill its purpose: Dharma Shastra for prosperity and purity of mind; Adhyatma Shastra Moksha (Brahman); This is seen in the wonderful picture of Lord Shiva (Brahman) riding the Bull (Dharma) in the Purana-s, highlighting the purpose of Dharma is Moksha. 8 Some commonly misunderstood concepts were clarified by Guruji including the following: Paraloka-vadi Hindus are interested in enjoying in other loka-s Abhyudaya automatically indicates that the Hindu religious practices are not meant for other worldly enjoyments but are meant for prosperity here and now for an individual and the society. Fatalist Pessimistic attitudes towards one s life; we take it that some are destined to succeed and others are destined to fail. The Karma theory when understood correctly states that We are the makers of our own destiny. The Jiva to whom all Karma-s belong, is a product of his Karma-s not a victim of his Karma-s. Castism is Hinduism Castism is different from the Caste System Varna-s of brahmana (the visionary), kshatriya (the executor), vaishya (mobilizer of resources) and shudra (the worker) are based

    11 on an individual s guna-s and past actions (karma-s) not merely on janma (birth). However, birth is not an accident. It is also determined by our guna-s and karma-s so both ways our varna is determined by our guna, karma and janma. All the Varna-s are necessary for society to function. In fact, a person is promoted on the basis of these varna-s from shudra (mere clerk) to the brahmana (the CEO/ Consultant). All the varna-s must do their job with a Seva bhava then alone the work will lead to nishreyasa and abhyudaya. Greater the selflessness and the higher the altar of dedication of one s action the higher the varna he belongs to. Re-birth or reincarnation and avatar are illogical beliefs If we understand what is birth then we will find re-birth is not logical. Janma (Birth) is when there is identification with a particular upãdhi. When we drop that upãdhi it is death. E.g. when we identify with anger, an angry man is born and when we dis-identify with it, the angry man in me dies. When we again identify with anger, the angry man takes re-birth. This is logical and not a superstitious belief. Birth and Re-birth are caused by identification and are guided by our Karma-s and are meant to 9 take us to Moksha the Akarmastate. Avatar or incarnation of Lord depends on what we take to be our concept of God? To an atheist no avatar is possible. Only when we accept God to be sagunasakar (with attributes and form), is avatar possible. However, can God-principle be a concept? Of course not. God cannot be conditioned to be only one with a particular form. The universality of the Infinite presence is the avatar of Lord. The particular form of the Lord is also a means to guide us to the Infinite Realisation and is not meant to bind us. Thus, the Hindu knows that the Lord is One in all forms, just as gold is the one precious substance in all ornaments. Seeking of Liberation in Hinduism is a very individualistic and selfish pursuit. The attainment of Nishreyasa or Moksha has to be individualistic; just as sleep and hunger must be quenched or satiated individually. Some other points made by Pujya Guruji were: Dharma which has meaning of Law of Being, duties and values is Eternal. Just as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, etc. have always been same over time and culture. In the same way, a parent s duty, a teacher s duty, a student s duty, a doctor s duty in essence has also been the same

    12 over time. We also see every plant, animal and human constantly seek eternal happiness in some way or form as their nature is to gravitate towards happiness. Thus, whether it be values, duties or one s nature they are all Eternal. Dharma cannot have any founder or any historical date as it is eternal, it has existed ever since creation and is created by the Lord, the creator, just as science or language does not have a founder or a historical date. All scientific laws were in place before they were discovered by any particular scientist, weren t they? They were only revealed knowledge. But the knowledge existed prior to the revelation. E.g. the knowledge of measuring irregular objects existed before the famous exclamation Eureka! by Archimedes in the bath tub. Therefore, dharma is shãsvatah or sanãtanah. What is born are the various sampradaya-s not dharma-s. The Sampradaya-s were a set of instructions to suit a particular set of people in a particular place at a particular time in order that they achieve a level of purity so that they can realise this universal dharma. Thus, dharma is always one but sampradaya-s are many. E.g. The Science of Medicine is only one, but the branches of Medicine are many. When sampradaya is taken to be Dharma that s when the problems occur. The various sampradaya-s are meant to take us to Dharma. 10 The greatest unique quality of the Hindu Religion is that it is the only Religion which goes beyond the prescriptions and transcends the words and its prophets to take us to the essence. Just like when we go to sleep, we make all the necessary preparations but to enter sleep all the conditions created must be let go of, in the same way, all the spiritual and religious practices are meant for purification of mind whereas they too have to be given up for the experience of the Absolute Reality. When we follow our Dharma we gain both inner and outer expansion and growth. We must follow dharma as per our Ashram (Brahmacharya- Grahastha-Vanaprastha-Sannyasa) and varna (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra). The Varna- Ashram Vyavastha or system is meant for gaining purity of mind, having a social structure and ultimately for gaining Moksha. When we follow our dharma based on this system we find, there is prosperity in society and one attains purity of mind at the individual level. How do you convince yourself that the Upanishads reveal Advaita? God, not in a form or as a personality but as the ultimate power, the Supreme, the Infinite Power, the Omniscient, cannot have division or be dependant. He must necessarily be independent or else He will cease to be all-powerful and Infinite. Thus, God cannot have another cause or a co-existing power on which He is dependent. This would be illogical.

    13 The Upanishads reveal the nature of the supreme to be Truth and Infinitude. Truth is defined as that which is same, common to all and cannot be denied by anyone. Just as dreams are different to everyone and therefore untrue whereas in sleep it is one common experience and hence true. In the same way, life is the same in all beings, undistinguished. It is universal. The ultimate cause of my experiences is not many, it is one, the fact that I am alive. What determines Truth? Is it perceptibility that determines what is true? No because the sun rise we know is false even though it is perceived. The majority, do votes determine what is true, obviously not! Utility also does not determine truth, I may take a role of a beggar to make some money, its useful, but I m certainly not a beggar. Thus, none of these factors determine what is true. It is non-contradictability that determines what is true, that which cannot be falsified. I cannot ever deny my own existence, even though I deny the world and God. 11 Hence, the Upanishads say that God is the power that makes us alive, the Consciousness Inifinite. That is universal indeed and non-contradictable. Thus, Vedãnta proves God to be Advaita. What are the salient features of karma, upasana, gyana and dhyana? Regarding the different means such as Karma, Upasana (Bhakti), Gyanam and Dhyanam Guruji differentiated them from the Vritti (thought) standpoint as follows Karma is Aneka Bheda Vritti Rupa It is of the nature of many pronged thoughts and is directed towards multi-fold activity. Upasana is Adhyasa Rupa, Atasmin Tad-buddhi; Gyana Poorvakam and Shraddha Prayukta Rupa Adhyasa Sajatiya Vritti It is of the nature of super-imposition of the higher on the lower through knowledge and with faith. It is of the nature of sa-jatiya vritti (many thoughts on the same subject). The super-imposition is based on the chinmaya mission san jose ca guidelines.

    14 Bhakti is a form of upasana where there is Ishtakara Vritti (desired Lord is super-imposed in all thoughts). In Gyanam, Vastu Tantra Vritti is necessary. It does not need continuous thought repetition. Once knowledge is gained it need not be repeated constantly. E.g. Once you know a watch you do not need to repeat to yourself again and again that this is a watch. Atma-gyana is an Akandakara Vritti; chinmaya mission san jose ca there is no difference between the knower and the known object. Once a person knows he is the 10th man they were looking for, the seeking stops as the difference between the seeker and the sought has ended in the knowledge of him being the 10th man. Dhyanam is Pragyana Svarupam It is of the nature of awareness. Without Gyanam, Dhyanam will lead to Jada Samadhi and on return from the state of samadhi, ignorance will continue. Dhyanam is necessary to gain abidance in the Svarupa sthiti. Pujya Guruji summarised our attitude regarding the Mission in three simple principles and they are: Love thy self Love your own centre, work hard and dedicate all efforts to the Lord and at the Feet of Pujya Gurudev in the spirit of Karma Yoga. Love Thy neighbour Serve and support in whatever way possible other centres. Love Thy Mother Always find ways to support and give back to CCMT (the parent organisation) in India. Along with the incomparable wisdom given to us there was another couple of highlights to the conference and they were: The Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan There are no words to express the magnificence of the CJD. Only the eyes know but the words cannot translate the experience. One must go to the Vibhooti to see this marvel if one wants to know Pujya Gurudev. For those who have been touched by Him, well here s another opportunity to be touched again. Upanishad Ganga This is a mighty project undertaken by Pujya Guruji, Swami Advayanandaji, Swamini Vimalanandaji, Brahmachari Samvidji and all the many sponsors. I must say it is worth watching as there is so much to learn from these episodes it is truly a Chinmaya Mission Production. Cutural Night The theme of the cultural night was Vedanta is not boring and Vedanta Masters are not one-dimensional. This was just the most hilarious experience ever as we saw a side to our beloved Acharya-s which was well concealed from us all this time. It started off with Swami Prakashanandaji singing the Gurustoram in a Carribean beat which was most entertaining. You can hear this on our Chinmaya Mission Dallas website in the Audio section. This followed some other presentations by Shri Vimalji 12

    15 reminiscing of a day in the life of a Sandeepany student, it was 8followed by Uddhavji sharing his exploits in the US as a FOB (fresh off the Boat), Arpitaji came up with a new way to beat the heat in Mumbai with an entertaining tune. The most entertaining item of the day had to be the short skit presented by Swami Prakashanandaji Swami Ishwaranandaji and Shri Mahadevanji. Finally, the conference ended with a vote of thanks by Swami Abhedanandaji, Brahmachari Uddhavji and Smt. Shailejaji. This was followed by Gurudev s 108 names Archana performed by Swami Dheeranandaji who had coincidentally received sannyasa deeksha on that day from Pujya Gurudev himself. Swamiji was the last one to receive Sannyasa deeksha from Pujya Gurudev. Ironically the date of commencement of the conference also happened to be Swami Dheeranandaji s birthday. Such is the divine play that we are all fortunate to be a part of. All in all, this experience was worth savouring and was really out of this world. I do sincerely offer my pranams to Pujya Guruji for organising this conference and to all the Swamijis and fellow Acharya-s for their inspiration and guidance and last but not the least the love of all the volunteers, the staff at Chinmaya Vibhooti and CCMT, who tirelessly worked day and night to provide us with all our needs and made this conference possible. I would also like to thank our mission devotees the world over who sponsored the Prasad for the conference and made the experience even more palatable. Finally, to our Pujya Gurudev, on behalf of all the Acharya-s, I offer my humble Pranams for giving us this wonderful family and this golden opportunity to live this life divine dedicated to serve His Noble Vision. Hari Om & Pranams, At His Feet, Brahmachari Adarsh Chaitanya Acharya, Chinmaya Mission, New Zealand 13

    16 by Rohini Joshi The 11th and 12th grade Yuva Kendra students from all Bay Area Centers were invited to attend an outing that included a hike in Rancho San Antonio Park in Los Altos area and an informal exchange of information with YK alumni now attending college. We had very good representation from the alumni group including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, MIT, Stanford and Santa Clara University. The students also discussed the following topics: a) Why does Bhagavan Krishna provide Arjuna with a talk on Self Knowledge when Arjuna is facing a decision on whether to fight the war or not? b) How is it possible to cultivate a purity of mind in our lives? College students talked about practical applications of the Gita's teaching in their lives. Alumni talked about the confidence they derived from their study of the Bhagavad Gita when facing challenges in college in terms of stress, deadlines, and interpersonal relationships. Some mentioned their improved ability to step back from a difficult situation and objectively evaluate options rather than acting in a panic mode. The students and alumni provided positive responses to the idea of continuing such exchanges in future, perhaps with more impetus coming from students and alumni about topics to be addressed. Thank you to all of the adult volunteers for their participation and guidance. 14

    17 One Year Residential Vedanta Course Chinmaya Mission West (CMW) is pleased to announce its One-Year Residential Vedanta Course at CMW's Headquarters, the ashram of Krishnalaya in Northern California, amidst the serene Redwoods with the blessing and guidance from Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda DATES The Course will commence August 7, 2010 and end in August This residential, full-time Course, without any holidays, will be conducted in English. ACHARYAS AND TEXTS Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda: Tattwa Bodha, Mandukya Upanishad (selected) and Essence of Srimad Bhagawatam & Ramayana. Chinmaya mission san jose ca Shantananda: Dakshinamoorty Stotram and Sat Darshanam. Swami Ishwarananda: Bhagawad Gita. Brahmachari Prabodh Chaitanya: Upadesha Saara, Atma Bodha, Drg Drshya Viveka, Panchadashi Ch. 1, and Isa, Kena, Katha, Mundaka Upanishads Acharya Smt. Sharada Kumar: Vedic Chanting, bhajans, Suktams, Samskrt & Vivekchudamani Taittiriya Upanishad and Sahasranaamavali. SCHEDULE Pujya Guruji : August Acharya Smt. Sharada Kumar: August August 2011 Brahmachari Prabodh Chaitanya : August - October 2010 Swami Ishwarananda : November - December 2010 Swami Shantananda: January 2011 Swami Ishwarananda: February - March 2011 Brahmachari Prabodh Chaitanya: April - May 2011 Acharya Sharada Kumar: June - July 2011 Pujya Guruji: August 2011 The Course will commence August 7, 2010 and end in August This residential, full-time Course, without any holidays, will be conducted in English. REGISTRATION $12,000 (covers registration, lodging, boarding, and books; payable in installments) Submit your name and contact information through the website provided. All submissions will be reviewed and eligible candidates will be asked to schedule a personal interview, the details of which will be provided at a later date. For additional questions, contact Brahmachari Prabodh Chaitanya. 15

    18 BalaVihar and Yuva Kendra Programs In the Bay Area (San Jose, Fremont and Danville, California) by Uma Jeyarasasingam A delectable offering of topics from the venerable Hindu Culture and Puranic Literature, along with some of the most widely spoken Indian Languages are being taught to children and youth, KG 12th Grade, at Chinmaya Mission San Jose s Bala Vihar and Yuva Kendra programs in the Bay Area. These programs were initiated by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda some 28 years ago in Los Altos, California. Pujya Gurudev was the founder of the Chinmaya Movement in India and all over the world. Back when Gurudev initiated these programs, they were very small, but grew in strength rapidly, serving all who came to discover their Hindu Heritage. Today, Swami Tejomayananda, currently the Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, oversees the programs. As student enrollment steadily grew, so did the ranks of teachers. Scores of adults, inspired by the noble service that was being rendered to shape young minds, came forward to volunteer their time and talent, and put their hearts and souls into teaching our children. Several of them inspired their friends to join them, thereby allowing rapid expansion of the scope of the programs. It may be worthwhile to note here that all of our teachers are volunteers and have been so since day one. 16

    19 How do we train our Teachers? New teachers work as co-teachers under the guidance of senior teachers for a few years. This gives them the opportunity to learn the content as well as the method of delivery of what is taught well. In and through this process, they also discover for themselves whether they wish to continue or not. Most if not all such co-teachers have stayed on to become full-fledged teachers. Where are these programs held? Bala Vihar and Yuva Kendra Programs are held at three locations in the Bay Area - Danville, Fremont, and San Jose, about miles from each other. Teaching and other volunteer support to run the programs at each of these locations is provided by the local members of Chinmaya Mission San Jose. Our Resident Acharya and other visiting Acharyas commute to all locations each week. Programs at all three locations are run by Chinmaya Mission San Jose. At each location, we rent schools from the respective Unified School Districts on the weekend to hold our programs. We would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt thanks to the San Ramon School District, the Fremont Unified School District and San Jose Unified School District for graciously making available to us the use of their facilities. How has our student enrollment grown over the years? Betweenstudent enrollment grew by about each year. This year ( School Year), however, student enrollment has surged by over 200 students compared to last year, and we are barely in the second month of the school year! At the time of filing this report, this year s student enrollment stood at San Jose has the largest enrollment at 1055, followed by Fremont at 553, followed by Danville at 258. Even with this unexpected surge, with the Lord s grace and Pujya Gurudev s blessings, we have the teachers and classrooms we need to conduct all our programs. For the last several years, many grades have had multiple sections. In addition to Hindu Culture and Languages, what else do we offer? Swaranjali (Youth Music Choir) is offered at each location and taught by volunteers who are musicians. Swaranjali enrollment in all three locations has been growing tremendously as well. Swaranjali reguarly performs at events conducted by Chinmaya Mission San Jose. Many members of Swaranjali are also routinely invited to perform in their individual capacities at temples and other venues where Hindu Festivals are celebrated. 17

    20 Gita Chanting is also offered at all three locations. Enrollment in Gita Chanting has been growing rapidly as well. Many Gita Chanting students participate and win in the annual Gita Chanting Competition conducted by Chinmaya Mission San Jose as well as other such competitions held in the Bay Area. I would like to close by saying that we, who work in the Mission in programs such as this, are inspired by our Pujya Gurudev s own words and I quote: When He plans to get things done for the community, He chooses a worker and inspires him or her to serve His plan. So long as that chosen worker is honest, sincere and selflessly dedicated without any break, the grace of Him Who is ever in our hearts, floods through the sevak and sevika. Ideas burst out, the ability to live by those ideas rises up, others get the contagious spurt of enthusiasm, and riding upon these, graciously the Lord s plan gets accomplished miraculously. For Narayana s projects, Lakshmi will be ever present. No doubt about it. As a Guru Dakshina, let us all put our shoulders to this holy work and create an institution to serve our growing community and to get soaked with eternal values of the Immortal Rishis. Namah Parama Rishibyo! Namah Parama Rishibyo! Love Chinmayananda October

    21 fourth Grade Class Chinmaya Balavihar San Jose Teacher: Uma Srinivasan Co-Teacher: Vrinda Bangari Youth Helper: Anand Pandian 19

    22 fourth Grade Class Chinmaya Balavihar San Jose Teacher: Ananthi Puranam Co-Teacher: Meenakshi Nagarajan Youth Helper: Nihal Ruparel fourth Grade Class Chinmaya Balavihar San Jose Teacher: Sandhya Radhakrishna Co-Teacher: Puja Vaish Youth Helper: Keshav Venkat 20

    23 fourth Grade Class Chinmaya Balavihar San Jose Teacher: Aruna Peri Co-Teacher: Anu Tiwari Youth Helper: Aarushi Kalaimani 21

    24 Bala Vihar/Yuva Kendra and Language Classes LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL 555 Dana Avenue, San Jose Bala Vihar is in three sessions. Grades KG 4: 10:30-11:45 a.m. Grades 5 12: 9:00-10:15 a.m. Language classes: 11:45-12:45 p.m. Gita Chanting classes: 9:30-10:00 a.m. 10:30-11:00 a.m. 12:45-1:15 p.m. Adult lectures by Br. Prabodhji, are held in the Media Room. All details are posted on Website: All parents will receive announcements with regard to changes. The Parking Lot is on Dana Avenue and you can walk from the parking lot to the class-rooms. We are renting this facility from San Jose Unified School District. We are currently using 26 classrooms in three sessions. I appreciate all the parents, some of you who are driving your children from as far North as Redwood City to San Jose. You will find it very rewarding as you see your children grow up with Hindu Heritage, moulding them into young adults. We want the best for our children. Fremont: Classes will begin on Sept. 8, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. Classes include BalaVihar/Yuva Kendra, Gita Chanting, Languages and Dance classes. Vedanta Classes for Adults are also offered. Danville: Classes will begin on Sept. 8, 2008 at 4:30 p.m. Classes include Bala Vihar/Yuva Kendra, Languages, Swaranjali (Youth Choir). Vedanta Classes for Adults are also offered. We have 1540 children enrolled in our program from our three centers since enrollment started school year. I wish to thank all the volunteers who areteachers, Co-Teachers and Youth Helpers teaching and assisting in the different classes. It takes more than teachers to organize these programs at San Jose Lincoln High, Fremont Washington High, and Danville Los Cerritos Middle School. Parent Volunteers and CMSJ Volunteers organize setting up, Book-Store, Snacks, Lecture Halls etc. Our sincere thanks to all the many dedicated volunteers. 22

    25 Danville: San Jose: Fremont: Bala Vihar Locations Los Cerritos Middle School 968 Blemer Road Saturdays 4:30 pm Contact: Meena Kapadia (925) Lincoln High School 555 Dana Avenue Sunday - Session I-9:00 a.m., Session II-10:30 a.m. Contact: Uma (650) Washington High School 38442, Fremont Blvd. Saturdays 1:30 pm Contact: Lakshmi Prakash (510) Shiva Abhisheka & Puja at Sandeepany San Jose Conducted by Mission Members Time: 7:30-8:30 pm / Every 2nd Monday of the month San Jose Swaranjali Youth Choir Choir sessions are held every alternate Sundays between 2:00-4:00 p.m. Venue: Sandeepany / San Jose Teachers: Prema Sriram, Jaya Krishnan, and Jayashree Ramkumar Contact: Poornima Dilip: Those who are interested in joining the choir as vocalist or musicians may please contact Ranjani at the address above. Danville Choir chinmaya mission san jose ca are held once every two weeks, Saturdays at 2:30pm - 3:30p.m. Venue: Los Cerros Middle School 968 Blemer Road San Ramon, CA Teacher: Shailaja Dixit / Contact: Shailaja at Those who are interested in joining the choir as vocalist or musicians may please contact Shailaja at the above number. Fremont Choir is held weekly on Saturdays, 12 noon - 1:00 p.m. Venue: Washington High School / Fremont Teachers: Natana Valiveti and Rajashri Iyengar. Those who are interested in joining the choir as vocalist or musicians may please contact Natana at 23

    26 Community Outreach Program Chinmaya Mission San Jose Seva Opportunities San jose Are You Willing to Volunteer or Just Sponsor the Program? If yes, please call Krishna Bhamre: friendship state bank near me or We need volunteers for preparing and serving Hot Meals for the Homeless. Lunch bags are prepared at Los Altos Community Center. All Youth volunteers are required to sign up with Krishna Bhamre. Meals For The Homeless Program: Served at San Jose s Emergency Housing Consortium at Orchard Drive off Curtner Avenue (Adult & Youth Volunteers & Sponsors). Fremont Fremont BV sponsors Sandwiches For The Needy. On the 2nd Saturday/Washington High School in Fremont. Parents of Bala Vihar and the kids prepare 70 Sandwiches, bag them and provide chips, fruit and juice. The Sandwiches are delivered to the Tricity Homeless Coalition, where they are served to adults and children. The Shelter is located on 588 Brown Road, Fremont, CA In addition, last Christmas, Fremont Bala Vihar donated new blankets, sweaters, sweat shirts, and infant warm clothes etc. to the homeless at the shelter. 24

    27 Bhakti Rasamrutam (The sweet essence of Devotion) Swaranjali, Chinmaya Youth Choir, has produced 10 CDs containing 100 Bhajans, glorifying the Lord in many Indian Languages. The Bhajans are rendered by 15 students of Swaranaji, with devotion, an offering to the Lord as their contribution to the New Building Project. The Choir is taught by Prema Sriram, Jaya Krishnan and Jayshree Ramkumar. The CD is entitled, Bhakti Rasamrutam, the sweet essence of Devotion. All details on this CD are posted on our web-site, This is a rare gift which is very inspirational and uplifting. The proceeds from the CDs will add to our Fund-raising efforts. Thanks to all who contributed their time and talents to the production of the CD. what time does the bank open on friday Chinmaya Swaranjali ClassFremont [ Teacher: Natana Valiveti Balance by Brni. Vividisha Chaitanya The dew on the rose makes its pink petals glisten tender. The mist chinmaya mission san jose ca the mountains render smoothness to its rough contours. The foam in the sea s rush mellows the rocky boulder s crush. The pulp of the fruit makes its hard skin bearable. The cool of the moonlight wipes the day s heat at night. Something soft in many things hard like a soft spot in a hard heart, like the sweet cure of the bitter gourd, endures, endears. 26

    29 Kids' Own Magazine. BalViHar Parents. This is a monthly magazine published by Central Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai for Children. It is packed with stories, puzzles, arts and craft ideas, children s contributions of essays, riddles, games, and much more. You can subscribe to it directly. The annual subscription is $30 and you will receive it monthly by air. We suggest that you subscribe in your child s name so your child will have the pleasure of receiving his or her own magazine from India. Make your checks payable to Central Chinmaya Mission Trust and mail it to: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Saki Vihar Road, MumbaiIndia. Gita Chanting Classes for Children by Mallika Subramanian San Jose: Chinmaya mission san jose ca High School / Every Sunday Contact: (408) Fremont: Washington High School / Every Saturday Contact: (510) ] 27

    30 Our thanks to all our Sponsor families who have continued to support us for many years and to all Member families who have found our programs to benefit their children thereby supporting us. We have room for more Sponsors and Members. Please invite your friends to join the larger Chinmaya Family of the Bay Area. CMSJ SPONSORSHIP Annual Contribution $500 CMSJ MEMBERSHIP Annual Contribution $200 Chinmaya - Tej Annual CT Sponsors $300 Chinmaya - Tej Annual Subscription $50 (Receive Chinmaya-Tej only) Tapovan Prasad 28 A Monthly Spiritual of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide Published by Chinmaya Chinmaya Mission, Madras. It is Internationally acclaimed Publication filled with articles and reports that are inspiring and educational. Hindus living all over the world keep in touch with their spiritual heritage through Tapovan Prasad. Annual Subscription by Airmail: US$20 (12 issues) Make checks to Tapovan Prasad Madras and mail to: No.2, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetput, Chennai,600031, India.

    31 Scheme of Study for Chinmaya Study Group, US 1. Self Unfoldment 2. Tattva bodh 3. Bhaja Govindam 4. Atma bodh 5. Manah Shodhanam 6. Upadesa Saram 7. Narada Bhakti Sutra 8. Meditation and Life 9. Bhagavad Gita Introduction Ch.1 & Jnanasarah 11. Kenopanishad 12. Gita, Ch Dyanaswaroopam 14. Kaivalya Upanishad 15. Gita, Ch Isavasya Upanishad 17. Gita Ch Bhakti Sudha 19. Gita, Ch Mundaka Upanishad 21. Gita, Ch Sat Darshan 23. Vivekachoodamani Vedanta Study Groups held in the Bay Area are listed in this issue of Chinmaya Tej and you may contact them if you wish to join a Study Group. 29

    32 Vedanta Study Groups Adult Sessions Concord: Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 6 Sevak: Vipin Kapadia Contact: Meena Kapadia (925) Time: 7:30 p.m. (Wed.) Cupertino: Bhagvad Gita Q&A Sevak: Sreeharsha Contact : Ram Mohan (408) Time: 7:30 pm (Thur.) Fremont: Viveka Chudamani Sevika: Priya Batheja Contact: Priya Batheja (510) Time: 7:30 pm (Mon.) Los Altos: Self-Unfoldment Sevak: Uma Jeyarasasingam Contact: Ruchita Parat (650) Time: 7:30 p.m. (Wed.) Los Gatos Jnana Sara Sevak: Satish Joshi Contact: Tiwari (408) Time: 8:00 p.m. (Fri.) Milpitas Bhagvad Gita, Ch.18 Sevika: Uma Jeyarasasingam Contact: Suma Venkatesh (408) Time: 7:30 pm (Tue.) Mountain House: Self-Unfoldment Sevika: Padmaja Joshi Contact: Padmaja Joshi (209) Time: 8:00p.m. (Wed.) Satsang with Br. Prabodh Chaitanya All events are from: 8:00-9:00pm 1st Friday of each month: Baljit & Prakash Bettadapur, San Jose, CA Text: Upadesa Saara Ph: (408) nd Friday of each month: Geetha & Sanjay Rao, Evergreen Text: Drg Drshya Viveka Ph: (408) rd Friday of each month: Sweta & Jnana Dash, Almaden Valley Text: Drg Drshya Viveka Ph: (408)

    33 All classes held weekly unless otherwise stated San Jose: Self Unfoldment Sevak: Ravi Kaw Contact: Nancy Kaw (408) Time: 8:00 pm (Thur.) San Jose (LHS) Bhagvad Gita Sevak: Sreeharsha Contact: Sreeharsha (408) Time: 3:00 pm (Sun.) Sandeepany SJ Vedic Chanting Sevak: Subbu Venkatakrishnan Contact: Mallika Subramanian (408) Time: 6:55 pm (Thur.) San Ramon: Bhagavad Gita, Ch 3 Sevika: Sireesha Balabadra Contact: Sireesha Balabadra (925) Time: 7:30 p.m. (Wed.) Saratoga: Kindle Life Sevika: Kalpana Jaswa Contact: Kalpana Jaswa (408) Time: 10:30 am (Thur.) Sunnyvale: Kathopanishad Sevak: Satish Joshi Contact: Rohini Joshi (408) Time: 8:00 pm (Wed.) Redwood City: Bhagvad Gita, Ch. 4 Sevak: Sreeharsha Contact: Sunil Jeswani (650) Time: 7:30 pm (Fri.) Walnut Creek: Bhagavad Gita Ch. 2 Sevak: Vipin Kapadia Contact: Rakesh Bhutani (925) Time: 9:30 am (Sun.) Prabodhji's Classes at Bala Vihar Locations Fremont: Saturdays 1:45 p.m. Bhagavad Gita, Ch 1 (Cont'd) Danville: Saturdays 4:45 chinmaya mission san jose ca. Vivekachoodamani (Cont'd) San Jose: Session 1 Bhagavad Gita, Ch 8 (Cont'd) Session 2 Panchadashi, Ch 4 (Cont'd) Prabodhji's Classes at Sandeepany Mondays & Wednesdays: 10-11:30 a.m. Yoga Vasishta (Continued) Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30-7:30 a.m. Mundaka Upanishad (Beginning) Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7:30-8:30 p.m. Vivekachoodamani (Beginning) Saturdays: 6:30-8:30 a.m. Mundaka Upanishad (Beginning) 31

    34 Swami Tejomayananada s Itinerary 2009 Date Location/Event Phone Oct 1-6 Sunil Kothari (91-836)Hubli, Karnataka Oct 7-10 Tumkur, Karnataka (91) Chinmaya Mission Oct Mumbai (91-22) Chinmaya Mission Oct 20- Chinmaya Dham (91) Nov 12 Yatra Nov Mumbai (91-22) Chinmaya Mission Nov Rourkela, Orissa (91-661)Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nov Orissa Dec 1-7 Kolkota (91-33) Dec 6-13 Guwahati (91-361) Dec Mumbai (91-22) Dec Houston (1-281) Dec Dallas (1-972) Dec 31 - Jan 1, 2010 Return to India 32

    35 His life itself is a scripture, his words are hymns, his actions are blessings upon the world. He is the fulfilled, the perfect. In such an accomplished man, we watch God and His play. ~ Swami Chinmayananda (Describing a God-realized soul) Join the Chinmaya Family as SPONSORS We invite you to join our Sponsorship program so that you can help us to promote, sustain and continue to teach adults and children, alike, the Hindu Dharma which is our Heritage. Chinmaya Mission began its service to the Hindu Community some 20 years ago in the Bay Area.We are funded by public contributions. Your contribution, as a Sponsor, goes towards the operation of Sandeepany. Many families who are taking part in the various classes that we offer to adults and children, have enrolled themselves as Sponsors. They enjoy many benefits and become an integral part of the spiritual family at Sandeepany. Sponsorship is an annual contribution of $500 per family. The donation is tax deductible and can also be paid bi-annually, quarterly or monthly. What Do Our Sponsors Receive? They enjoy all the classes offered at Sandeepany Schools for adults and children. They will receive the journal, MANANAM and the bi-monthly Newsletters: Chinmaya Tej and CMW Newsletter. Sponsors are invited to attend Weekend Retreats held periodically at Sandeepany. United Way Contributions Your contributions to United Way can now be designated to Chinmaya Mission San Jose (United Way I.D. No ). The Chinmaya mission san jose ca is enrolled to receive such contributions with United Way Agency in Santa Clara. Chinmaya Family would like to thank you for your support.

    36 D i r e c t i o n s t o S a n d e e pa n y S a n J o s e If travelling South on 101 Take Guadalupe Expressway Exit Then go past the airport about two (2) miles and get off at Park Ave. exit At the bottom of the ramp, and at the light, make a right turn If travelling South on 280 Take the Meridian North Exit Go to Park Ave. and make a right turn If travelling South on 880 Take the 280 exit to San Jose Get off at the Meridian North Exit Go to Park Ave. and make a right turn If travelling South on 680 Get off at Race Street Exit At the bottom of the ramp, at the light, make a right turn Go to Park Ave. (3rd light) and make a right 1050 Park Avenue San Jose, CA Ph. (408) Fax (408) Chinmaya Mission San Jose Sandeepany San Jose Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Piercy, CA