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Facebook announced earlier this year all Quest 2 users would require a Facebook login with the device. Highlights. Connect your VR device to your computer using usb (and give permission in the headset to connect); Unzip the EZ360 Quest Installer file. Open the unzipped. Check these details and Quest Care360 Login Page information here. If you are a first time user you will need to register your account or.

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What Can I Do in Discover that I Can’t Do in Classic/Quest?What Can I Do in Discover that I Can’t Do in Classic/Quest?

Destiny Discover has new capabilities that can be used to promote, access and share your important library resources and Follett is recommending using it rather than the older search interfaces of Destiny Back Office and Destiny Quest. We feel these updates will improve the Destiny experience so much, that we will be discontinuing the Destiny Quest app and browser to focus on improving the current platform. Searches will be redirected to Destiny Discover. 

Visit the Destiny Discover help page and learn about upcoming changes to functionality as we build new features and improve existing ones. We are rolling out regular updates to Destiny Discover, so check back often!

Many Destiny customers have already moved to Discover because of the new functionality that was not available in Destiny Back Office or Quest interfaces.  Here's a list of things you can do in Discover that weren’t available in Quest:

Destiny Discover – Use Versions and Themes
You can choose between two versions of Destiny Discover for your groups of users:
- Simplified (recommended for grades K-5)
- Standard (recommended for grades 6-12)

Learn about Destiny Discover’s user interface options.

The Simplified version offers seven student-friendly themes.

The Standard version is Destiny Discover’s original interface. It features a clean, blue design and is geared for upper grade levels.



You can create links/URLs from any Title Details page, which allows users to navigate directly to that page without having to perform a search. Permalinks can be used on assignments in a learning management system (or a simple Word doc or webpage) to link to a resource in Discover. Users can also use permalinks to post links to resources on social media channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 


QR Codes

The same points above apply to QR codes. You can easily create QR codes that link to any resource in your catalog.


Widgets (code you can embed in other webpages such as your school webpage or your library webpage) allow users to easily navigate to your catalog (your Discover homepage). Widgets can link to the homepage or even perform a search in Discover. A variety of different formats of widgets are available in Destiny Discover.


Chrome Extension

This extension allows you to get search results from your Discover catalog embedded directly within Google search results in Chrome.


Citations Support from EasyBib

Through an API integration, EasyBib supports citations from any resource (or list of resources - Favorities) in Discover.


Access Anywhere

Your students and staff can access your catalog easily from That's the only URL they need to know to get to all of your resources. You no longer need to direct students to your Destiny Back Office page. Once you are on your Destiny Discover homepage, you can also simply copy that URL for access to the homepage in the future. We recommend that you update links, favorites or bookmarks to point to your Destiny Discover homepage.


Digital Platform Integration

A few years back, Follett introduced Follett Shelf - which was a separate place (from Destiny) to go to access all your Follett digital content. Customers found it was confusing to their patrons to go to one place for everything in Destiny and another place to access Follett eBooks. Today, Follett Shelf functionality has all been incorporated into Discover. You can find and access all of your Follett eBooks and audiobooks, Lightbox content, interactive eBooks from publishers like Lerner and Capstone, all from your Destiny login in Discover – the same place you can access all your print resources. We have also implemented single sign-on support that makes it easy to access Mackin, OverDrive and Baker and Taylor Axis 360 content easily within Discover. 


Access to Open Educational Resources

Follett has partnered with the US Department Of Education (DOE) to offer over a hundred thousand OERs from the Learning Registry in Discover. These resources are especially useful when paired with the Collections by Destiny functionality.

Video Reviews 

You can now attach links to video content for reviews (book trailers or any student-produced video content). This can make your catalog a way to show off your students' creativity!

Collections by Destiny

As many have noted, Collections by Destiny has been a significant and exciting improvement to Destiny and goes well beyond the older "resource lists" functionality. Collections can include any resources from the web, your library, your cloud drive, or files you've created. Collections can be shared with anyone, anywhere, and makes curation and collaboration simple.
Collections by Destiny

Learn more about Collections by Destiny

Don Rokusek
Program Director - Library Solutions, Follett School Solutions






quest 360

You Can Easily Able To Access “quest 360” From Here. You Just Need To Provide The Correct Login Details After You Have Landed On The Page. You Will Find The Top Web Portals On This Page.

: Care360-login – Quest Diagnostics…

Care360® Login For Physicians Care360® Login For Hospitals Care360® EHR


Care360 log in. User ID. Password. PayMyBill, about Care360, contact us. Learn about Care360 ePrescribing and EHR.

Quest Diagnostics Authentication Service

QuestQuest Diagnostics, any associated logos, and all associated Quest Diagnostics registered or unregistered trademarks are the property of Quest Diagnostics. All third party marks – ® and ™ – are the property of their respective owners. ©2019 Quest Diagnostics Incorporated.

Quanum eLabs – Production

Quanum eLabs – Production Login. DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION Privacy Shield

Our drive-thru services will remain OPEN! Given the quickly and ever changing updates related to the COVID coronavirus pandemic, we would like to direct your attention to the following page of this website where we will update and make our membership aware of any changes to our handling of member transactions.

Should additional announcements be required, please bookmark this page and check this frequently to be up-to-date.

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Get Started! Banzai Classroom Teachers, looking for a free financial education tool for your students? Learn More! Mission Quest Federal Credit Union is a dynamic financial organization that provides exceptional service and innovative products for our membership.

quest 360 login

Not shareholders. We are owned by our members and we exist to serve you. The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search. To search for something. Join Us! Become a member-owner today. Start your application online and join Quest! Find an ATM Traveling? Need a fee-free ATM for access to your cash? Begin your search here! Shared Branching Out-of-town? Apply for a Loan Complete your application online, receive prompt and efficient status updates.

Introducing the MyQuest by Care360 Patient Portal and Mobile Health App

View News Archives Subscribe. With this in mind, Quest Federal Credit Union is offering financial relief options to those who may be in need. Read Article. We would Annual Meeting Postponed! At this time, the Annual Meeting scheduled for March 21, has been postponed until a later date, when the current orders surrounding Coronavirus COVID have expired.

At this time, there is no date proposed, pay attention Digital Empowerment for Parents February 3, The program covers up to 64 theoretical and practical competencies. Every course includes online theoretical sterile compounding traininga post quiz or questionnaire, a practical training and a practical evaluation when applicable.

This solution is a reference tool for the personnel working in the compounding sterile preparation sector. This solution offers policies and procedures, as well as signs with text or images. A team of consultant pharmacists thoroughly reviewed the policies and procedures to adapt them to current applicable standards, and are updated regularly.

A certain number of signs are summary sheets for procedures. All signs are laminated with high quality waterproof plastic that allow for safe cleaning with the recommended disinfectants.

The time pharmacists require to develop policies and procedures can be invested elsewhere such as in clinical services. The logs are linked to the policies and procedures of the QUESS program and provide a safe environment for recording information needed to monitor the facilities and to monitor the activities of the personnel.

The viable particle sampling strategy is customized for each facility to meet current standards and best practices for environmental monitoring. Viable particle sampling is used to detect the presence of microorganisms bacteria, spores, fungus, etc.

The non-viable particle sampling provides the certification of the sterile compounding facilities and primary engineering controls in accordance with current NSF and CETA standards. Smoke tests and HEPA filter integrity tests are performed to validate the proper functioning of the primary engineering controls. A non-viable particle count and an assessment of the air change rate confirm the ISO classification of the controlled work areas.

Pressure differential, relative humidity and temperature readings are taken in the controlled work areas to ensure that these parameters are within target range and compliant with current standards. An overall assessment is carried out combining the results of the viable and non-viable particle sampling and a final report is provided to the client.

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And Hugh gets an earful from an American driver who wants Hugh off the Alaskan roads and back in Canada.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. When Quest Diagnostics set out to develop its patient portal, they wanted to create something different. Not only does Quest Diagnostics provide healthcare solutions to providers, Quest Diagnostics is also a provider of healthcare services to patients, touching 30 percent of American adults each year.

The patient portal needed to appeal to both physicians and patients. Quest Diagnostics took a different approach. Quest Diagnostics rolled out a mobile health app in The app offered patients a way to receive their lab results, store and share medical and health information, setup medication reminders and more. The MyQuest Patient Portal was built off that existing platform to create a simple to use, easy to access patient-centric patient portal.

Unlike a traditional Patient Portal, doctors do not have to setup their own portal website. Doctors who use the Quanum EHR solution can start communicating with their patients from day one using the messaging features integrated into the EHR solution. By making the portal simple for everyone to use, Quest Diagnostics has seen adoption of the portal skyrocket since its launch.

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Quest Diagnostics is a pioneer in developing innovative diagnostic tests and advanced healthcare information technology solutions that help improve patient care. MyQuest: A different kind of patient portal.As a public health precaution, both our locations and all other Smithsonian museums are temporarily closed. Learn more. Discover how Native Nations of the Pacific Northwest protect and sustain salmon, water, and homelands in this online lesson.

This online lesson explores four case studies to learn more about the significance that homelands, kinship systems, and nationhood hold for Native Peoples of the Northern Plains. Learn about an important campaign to secure the treaty rights and sovereignty of Native Nations of the Pacific Northwest in this online lesson.

Transforming teaching and learning about Native Americans. Join our email list for news on educator workshops and programs.

Essential Understandings about American Indians is a framework that offers new possibilities for creating student learning experiences. Make a donation today to support the development of new materials for K—12 educators and students. Plan a visit to the museum Student Group Visits. How many Indians lived in America before ?Warning: Accessing health information without proper authorization is a crime, in violation of state and federal laws, including the privacy provisions of HIPAA.

Individuals violating HIPAA are subject to criminal and civil penalties, with prison terms of up to 10 years. If you, or someone on your behalf, submits false information or otherwise inappropriately uses a medical professional's information to set up an account with Quest Diagnostics such that personal health information is improperly accessed your actions will be provided to law enforcement authorities, and you may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Simplified lab ordering Ordering tracking Supply ordering Online specimen pickup Enhanced results Visit www. Are you a new customer to Quest Diagnostics?

Please visit our Welcome Site to get started. If temporary access to the site is necessary, please contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative. Quest Sales - eForm must be used for these requests.

quest 360 login

Simplified lab ordering Ordering tracking Supply ordering Online specimen pickup Enhanced results. Visit www. Note: This site no longer supports new requests for access to Quanum eLabs as this application is retiring.Set up effortlessly, whether you're at home or somewhere new. Built-in sensors translate your movements into VR and provide roomscale tracking.

Your hands and gestures appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision. Explore Features.

MyQuest: A different kind of patient portal

Our first all-in-one VR gaming headset with controllers. No PC required. Right and left-hand Oculus Touch controllers required.

Alkaline cell batteries to power both Oculus Touch controllers. Wear your glasses in VR with an ergonomic interface to fit most eyewear. Oculus Quest will require certain updates to be installed from time to time, including prior to first use.

All Rights Reserved. Price shown includes costs for standard delivery. Applicable tax to be listed prior to checkout based on information you provide. Log In or Sign Up. Oculus Quest. Our first all-in-one gaming headset. No wires. No limits. Easy Setup Set up effortlessly, whether you're at home or somewhere new.

MyQuest: A different kind of patient portal

Oculus Insight Tracking Built-in sensors translate your movements into VR and provide roomscale tracking. Free delivery Get free delivery and returns.

Oculus Warranty Defect and malfunction coverage.

quest 360 login

Oculus Quest Headset. Two Touch Controllers. AA Batteries. Frame-friendly Spacer. Learn more about what's inside the box. Frame-friendly Spacer Wear your glasses in VR with an ergonomic interface to fit most eyewear. Compare Headsets.


Meta removing Facebook login requirement for Quest headsets by next year

By next year, you won't need a Facebook account to log in to your Quest headset.
with 74 posters participating, including story authorLast year, Facebook started requiring that new Oculus Quest users log in with their personal Facebook accountsrather than a separate Oculus account. Now, in the face of customer backlash and amid Facebook's metaverse-focused rebranding as Meta, the company says it is "working on" options for Quest users to avoid that login requirement starting next year.

"As we’ve focused more on work, and as we’ve heard feedback from the VR community more broadly, we’re working on new ways to log in to Quest that won’t require a Facebook account, landing sometime next year," Andrew Bosworth wrote in a Facebook post following yesterday's Connect keynote. "This is one of our highest priority areas of work internally."

"I know this is a big deal for a lot of people," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during yesterday's Connect keynote when talking about the coming login change. "Not everyone wants their social media profile linked to all these other experiences. I get that, especially as the metaverse expands. I’ll share more about that later."

Before those planned changes roll out next year, Meta announced that enterprise users of the Oculus for Business program will be able to log in to Quest using their Work accounts rather than their personal Facebook accounts. Users who had an Oculus account before last September had previously been grandfathered in and could avoid using a Facebook login until 2023.


The whys and hows

In an interview with Stratchery's Ben Thompson, Zuckerberg added that the backlash to Facebook Login on Quest actually played a big role in Facebook's overall rebranding decision:

The feedback that we got on that was one of the things that made me actually feel a sense of urgency that we did need to make it so that people had a different brand relationship with the overall company than the Facebook app. Right now, I think that there’s just some confusion where when you sign into Quest with Facebook, are you signing in with the social media app, or are you signing in with your relationship to our company overall?

It was not as clear as it should have been before, and I think because of that, people had some concerns of, "Hey, if I’m signing in with a social media app, does that mean that my data from what I’m doing in VR is somehow going to be connected or is going to show up on Facebook?" or like, "If my Facebook account gets deactivated or I want to stop using that, does that mean my device is going to stop working?" I think that from a brand architecture for the company—that perspective—I think it is just very valuable and useful for people to have a different relationship with the company than with each of the specific apps. It’s sort of why in the same way that you have a Microsoft account or an Apple account that’s different from any of the specific products that you have there. I think that that’s a useful thing in terms of the universe of products that we’re trying to build out."

You could be this gleeful, too, if you were in the Oculus Quest 2!
Advertisement It's worth noting that worries about losing Quest content over wider Facebook account issues were not a theoretical concern; the company confirmed such a thing was possiblefor egregious policy violations. And it's not just user backlash Facebook was facing; the company had to pause Oculus headset sales in Germanyover regulator concerns that "the obligation to create a Facebook account [to access an Oculus headset] is legally extremely questionable" under the European GDPR's "coupling ban."

Regardless of the underlying reasons, a lot will depend on the specific shape of the new "Facebook-free" login requirements that the company comes up with. Is the removal of a Facebook account requirement just a prelude to the rollout of a separate Meta account, for instance? That would align broadly with the company's planned "shifting away from the Oculus brand" and toward a rebranded "Meta Quest" in early 2022. If that's the case, how much data (if any) would be shared between a Facebook account and a Meta account linked under the same umbrella?

We also wonder if users will be able to use external accounts (i.e., a Google or OAuth account) to identify themselves on the headset. Can Quest users stay anonymous or use pseudonyms when interacting with Meta's planned metaverse? And how much access will be available to users who want to skip the login and simply sideload their own content without any connection to the online ecosystem?

The answers to these and other logistical questions will be crucial to the wider reception for the upcoming login change. So while it's nice to see Meta belatedly responding to the backlash over this issue, we'll reserve final judgment until more details are released in the coming months.

Listing image by Sam Machkovech

quest 360 login

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