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In the southern hemisphere, winter and summer solstices are exchanged so that the Summer Solstice is the day on which the Sun is farthest south. A Father's Day summer solstice occurs on June 21, 2015, kicking off the first day of summer for Earth's Northern Hemisphere. (Image credit. Summer Solstice 2017 began yesterday, June 20 or today, June 21 depending on your time zone in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the 1st day.

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On the First Day Of Summer Vacation by Tish Rabe ǀ Read Along ǀ Children’s Books
happy 1st day of summer images
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Today is the longest day of the year!! 😎Woke up this morning to a pretty cloudy/overcast day in SB. We call this “June gloom” haha. Hopefully it will all burn off by this afternoon and we get some sunshine!


SB is very into parades and celebrations of any kind. Check out the Summer Solstice Celebrations that will be happening this weekend! Sadly we will be out of town (again…we’ve been SO busy), but love all the festivities of SB. Here are some other fun/interesting articles about Summer Solstice: Traditions Around the World and Happy 1st day of summer images Solstice isn’t just about weather – it’s also about romance.

Hope you all are having a great week and get a chance to be outside and enjoy the longest day of the year!!

Xo 😎☀️🌴



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On this bike pic ice cream smiles Sunday, the first day of summer, get dad out on a Father’s Day ride and stop at the local shop for a cool treat.

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Winter heatwave breaks records in four US states

A record-breaking heatwave has swept large parts of the US, with much of the country experiencing balmy conditions even as Americans move into happy 1st day of summer images is supposed to be meteorological winter.

Much of the western half of the US has seen temperatures 35F (19C) above average for this time of year in the past days, with Wednesday bringing the hottest December weather on record for Montana, Wyoming, Washington state and North Dakota.

Parts of British Columbia in western Canada hit 72.5F (22.5C), tying the national record for the highest temperature ever recorded during December.

A series happy 1st day of summer images state records have been tied or broken, with Jordan, Montana, hitting 78F, Hettinger, North Dakota, reaching 71F and Buffalo, Wyoming, getting to 78F.

Denver, Colorado, where temperatures have been about 30F above happy 1st day of summer images, has not had any snowfall this season – the latest any measurable snow has settled on the city.

In some places the unusually warm temperatures have helped spur abnormally late wildfires, with flames roaring across the prairies of Montana, razing dozens of homes and incinerating farming equipment.

“It’s definitely not a good sign that it is this dry in December and this warm,” Brock Linker, a farmer and volunteer firefighter in Denton, Montana, told the New York Times. “We’ve had zero moisture since May and no sign of any in the future.”

The National Weather Service said that a “potent ridge of high pressure” has driven heat, forecasting that “record-breaking warmth” will continue across much of the southern plains and Rocky Mountain regions on Friday, before cooling this happy 1st day of summer images climate crisis is causing longer, and more severe, heatwaves happy 1st day of summer images reach all corners of the US, with this summer being the hottest ever recorded nationally.

It is winters, however, that are heating up more happy 1st day of summer images than summer, with researchers finding that winter is the fastest-warming season in woodforest national bank holiday hours US states.

While warmer winters reduce cold-related deaths, they also prolong allergy seasons, help wildfires become more common and affect skiing and snowboarding american greetings holiday cards reduced snow.

Shrinking snowpacks also have a profound ecological impact, affecting wildlife that relies upon them and reducing the snow melt that forms much of the water carried by streams and rivers, contributing to what scientists say is the worst drought in the US west in the past 1,200 years.

Warmer temperatures also fails to kill off pests, such as the pine beetle, that decimate trees.

Источник: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/dec/03/us-winter-heatwave-december-records-montana-wyoming-washington-north-dakota
happy 1st day of summer images

: Happy 1st day of summer images

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Happy 1st day of summer images
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happy 1st day of summer images