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Shop for Nintendo Switch Games in Video Games by Console. Buy products such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch at Walmart and save. Check out the best Nintendo Switch Games for Switch and Switch Lite in 2020, including Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pokemon Sword and. Walmart allows customers to return Play Station, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo Switch video games for a full refund within 90 days of purchase if it has been.

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Why I Buy All My Games From Walmart!
I wanna get the latest Mario port and I f***ing hate Walmart (it’s a real dump) but I’ll go there if it’s cheaper

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I don't know if every Switch game is $50, but I bought SM3DA there the other night. I saw it at Target first for $60 and went "f*** that"

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Yes. And walmart is just fine.Just depends which one you go to.

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Mariofan15 posted.
Yes. And walmart is just fine.Just depends which one you go to.

The OP hates Wal-Mart for the wrong reasons. Most of the stores I go into are nice and fun to be inside of, which is the point of their psychological marketing trick.

The real reason to hate Wal-Mart is beautifully relayed in the documentary The High Cost of Low Prices.

But yes, I have noticed Switch games for $50 there recently myself.

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DreTam2000 posted.
The OP hates Wal-Mart for the wrong reasons. Most of the stores I go into are nice and fun to be inside of, which is the point of their psychological marketing trick.

The real reason to hate Wal-Mart is beautifully relayed in the documentary The High Cost of Low Prices.

But yes, I have noticed Switch games for $50 there recently nintendo switch lite games walmart know, fish can hear you thinking just before you sneeze.

Most of their games have a discount. For example, $40 games can usually be found for $34ish, as well.

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Walmart has been consistently excellent with day one discounts for a while now.

It doesn't quite make up for the lack of Amazon's preorder discount or Best Buy's GCU, but it's enough to make me heavily consider going physical with my games again.

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DreTam2000 posted.

The OP hates Wal-Mart for the wrong reasons.
nope. they’re disgusting dumps around here.

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You could just order from the website if you dont wanna go to the store.

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35 best Nintendo Switch games in 2021

Picking from this list of the best Nintendo Switch games may be tough, but whichever option you select, you're near enough guaranteed to have a good time playing it.

From first-party staples like Mario and Zelda to essential multiplayer games to engrossing AAA and indie fare, we've done the hard work of playing lots and lots of video games to wells fargo check cashing you pick out the very best that the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite have to offer.

If you need to update your hardware before diving into a bunch of new games, make sure you check out our best Nintendo Switch deals and our best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals to get a good price on a new Switch. 

 Otherwise, here are the best Switch games to play now.

What are the best Nintendo Switch games?

The latest big Nintendo Switch game is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. This isn't a new game, since it was launched for the Nintendo Wii, but it's returned in a new remastered form. With new graphics nintendo switch lite games walmart updated controls, it's a far better game now, and definitely worth your time if you seek adventure and puzzles and monsters to best.

If you want a multiplayer game that isn't like anything you've played before, have a look at Knockout City. It's similar to dodgeball in that you need to avoid getting hit, except rather than taking place in your school gym, you're out on the streets looking for sneaky angles through and over buildings from which to attack. And that's not even mentioning the power-ups you can use.

For platforming action, you should try Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The main part of the game is a remastered version of the already excellent 3D World, but the new expansion is an unexpected treat, offering a whole new way to experience the classic Nintendo platforming nintendo switch lite games walmart of Nintendo classics, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also on our list, because it’s simply an incredible game that offers a huge world to explore, most notably by climbing everything, as well as a vast amount enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve.

If you want something more relaxing, Animal Crossing: New Get td bank debit card is arguably one of the best ways to shake off the blues. New Horizons basically gives you a whole island to customize and it fits the Switch perfectly as a game you can just dip in and out of, or plow hours into at once. 

The best Nintendo Switch games to play right now

1. Mario Party Superstars

Relive the joys and frustrations from Mario Parties past with this new installment in Mario's party game library. Like the All-Star remasters of the 2D and 3D Mario platformers, this game takes mini-games from all previous Mario Party titles, plus game boards from the original three Mario Party games on Nintendo 64, to create a mix of the series' best bits from across the years.

Like always, you'll be moving around a game board via dice rolls, trying to gain coins and stars in order to win, and hoping to avoid hazards and opponents' power-ups that will deprive you of these. Those opponents can play alongside you on the same system, via local wireless multiplayer or online, meaning you can always find someone to party with.

2. Metroid Dread

If you've been waiting since 2002 for the next 2D Metroid, or even if you're new to Nintendo's storied sci-fi series, you're in for a treat. In Samus Aran's highly upgradeable boots, your mission this time is to explore Planet ZDR, find new powers for your armor suit and avoid the deadly E.M.M.I robots that keep pursuing you.

There are all sorts of interesting story beats to find as you progress through the campaign, the culmination of the story that begin with the original Metroid. The gameplay is very familiar, involving lots of backtracking and secret hunting, but even if the template is old, it still feels great to play.

3. Subnautica: Below Zero

The next installment in the water-based survival series takes things in a much chillier direction. The new frozen biomes are a treat to look at and help freshen up the compelling scavenging/building loop that the game is built around.

Unlike the original, there are dangers both above and below water, so you'll need to stay vigilant at all times. Fortunately as you ascend the tech tree to improve your tools, shelter and vehicle options, you'll gradually feel like a master of the environment. While the core of the game is about survival, there is a more chilled-out "Freedom mode" for players who just want to take in the sights.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Originally made for the Wii but now available on the Switch, Nintendo's done more than just refresh the paint job with Skyward Sword HD. It's now made the game's divisive motion controls optional, making nintendo switch lite games walmart game easier to control consistently and more accessible to more players.

The story, while nothing like amazon careers chicago most recent hit entry, Breath of the Wild, is still an interesting look at the very start of the LoZ timeline, and features entertaining characters, tricky dungeons and a whole sky to explore. It's a good choice for new players or for those who played the original but want to try it again in a new refined form.

Read our full The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review

5. Knockout City

If you like dodgeball, but wish it had a few more power-ups, then here's your best Switch game pick. Thanks to its free trial option, you can sample the game before actually putting your money down on a copy. 

Like the original game, the object is to hit others with dodgeballs you find around one of the nintendo switch lite games walmart several maps, and to avoid return fire and environmental hazards. You can enhance your throws with abilities such as explosives, anti-gravity and traps, or launch yourself or your teammates in ball-form for a surprise attack. Naturally, with this being a multiplayer-focussed game, there's a ton of unlockable accessories for you to customize your character with, making it a great alternative multiplayer obsession to the usual battle royale or FPS games.

Read our full Knockout City review

6. Monster Hunter Rise

You start off as an ordinary villager called to join the guild of hunters. However it quickly becomes clear you'll have more than you bargained for when signs of a new "Rampage" emerge.

Pick this best Switch games member if you're a fan of hunting large beasts and upgrading yourself with the spoils from slaying them. New to MH:R however is the palamute, a cliff-scaling mount that can also assist you in the fight, the ability to ride and control other monsters while fighting them wirebugs, which gives new movement options to quickly turn the tables on your quarry. You can go out adventuring alone with your animal companions or join up with other human players online to take on the biggest and most dangerous predators.

Monster Hunter Rise won a "highly recommended" honor for "most rewarding challenge" at the Tom's Guide Awards 2021 for gaming.

7. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

A combination of remaster and expansion, this two-in-one package offers all the usual smooth, joyous platforming you expect from a game starring the spritely plumber and his friends. The twists this time around are you can play in co-op with up to four players, make use of the unique cat power-up, and the all-new Bowser's Fury expansion, which offers an open-world map for one or two players to gradually jump through.

8. Heaven's Vault

Heaven's Vault is an archeological adventure across an open world that tasks you, as researcher El, to translate an ancient language as you explore ruins across the moons of The Nebula. What makes this one of the best Switch games is the freedom you have as a player, both in exploration and in translation. There are always several options to choose from, and those decisions pile up to give you different dialogs with the other characters, and eventually one of several potential outcomes to the story.

9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition

After being unavailable for over six years, the beat-em-up based on the popular comic series and movie is finally on sale again.

Just like the series, you're tasked with defeating Ramona Flowers' seven evil exes in order for Scott to date her in peace. This being the Complete Edition, you also have access to the DLC packs that let you play as Wallace Wells and Knives Chau as well as the basic cast of Ramona, Kim, Stephen and Scott. 

10. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

This prequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (another of the best Switch games), shows us the world before it all went to chaos. Instead of adventuring around solely as Link, in this game you can play as all the kingdom's heroes as you take on vast armies controlled by Calamity Ganon. Alongside friendly soldiers and an optional co-op partner, you have to take to various battlefields across Hyrule, completing specific objectives in each area and smashing through waves of enemies with your special moves.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity won a "highly recommended" honor for "best Switch game" at the Tom's Guide Awards 2021 for gaming.

From personal experience, I can vouch for both Zelda games. Breath of the Wild is (rightly) always up there with the greatest games of all time, while Link's Awakening is a charming adventure that doesn't outstay its welcome. My biggest recommendation would be for Paper Mario: The Origami King, a game I previously reviewed and genuinely found to be one of the funniest games I've played in years. It's perfect for people of all ages too! 

The Nintendo Black Friday deals will be available to purchase from November 21st to November 27th, 2021. In the meantime, if you are looking for a Switch OLED, head on over to our official restock tracker for the latest information.  

11. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ultimate digital escape. New Horizons builds on the already addicting gameplay of Nintendo's beloved life simulator, allowing you craft your own items and rack up rewarding Nook Miles as you catch bugs, plant trees, interact with your neighbors and find cool clothes and household items for your personal villager. There's always something to work towards in New Horizons, making every moment feel rewarding as you build up the tropical island of your dreams.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons won a "highly recommended" honor for "best characters" at the Tom's Guide Awards 2021 for gaming.

Read our full Animal Crossing: New Horizons review

12. The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo switch lite games walmart of the Wild 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sets you loose in a massive, gorgeous open world, where you can battle through dungeons, solve puzzles, paraglide around the skies or simply cook some food. Breath of the Wild redefines what an open-world game could be, with ncb online forgot username truly explorable Hyrule in which every mountain is climbable and every hidden path leads financial center credit union stockton ca a new adventure (you can even bee-line it to the boss if you're so inclined. With memorable boss battles, tons of challenging puzzle shrines, a gorgeous art style and some of the most dynamic combat in the series, there's good reason many consider BoTW to be the best Zelda game of all time.

Read our full The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

13. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars packs three of the most beloved 3D platformers of all time into a single, highly nostalgic package. This collection gets you Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, allowing you to experience the evolution of 3D Mario games from the Nintendo 64 all the way to the more modern Wii era. Rounding out the package is access to the full soundtrack for every game, so you can rock out like it's 1996. 

Note however that Nintendo stopped selling this game on March 31, since the game was meant to be a time-limited tie-in with the 35th nintendo switch lite games walmart of the Super Mario series. This means it might be hard to find copies going forward.

14. Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield have all of the addicting monster catching, battling and exploring that makes the series great while making some significant evolutions to Game Freak's beloved RPG formula. The game's London-inspired Galar region features the most dynamic environments the franchise has seen yet, with open-world-style Wild Areas filled with wild Pokémon that provide a real challenge for seasoned trainers. 

15. Hades

One of the most multi-talented members of our best Nintendo Switch games, Hades is a punishing-yet-satisfying roguelike action game that has you strategically hack your way through a stunningly fresh take on Greek mythology. Every run through Hades is different, as you encounter new challenges and abilities while piecing together the kind of story that only Supergiant Games (Transistor, Bastion) can tell.

Hades won "best Switch game" at the Tom's Guide Awards 2021 for gaming.

Read our full Hades review

16. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the biggest, most expansive entries yet in Nintendo's beloved role-playing series. Three Houses builds on the series' addictive, deeply strategic tactical combat while adding a new twist -- you now play as a professor, who must choose one of three houses and guide their students in both their daily school lives and on the battlefield. With memorable characters, large-scale battles and the first free-roaming hub world in the series, Three Houses is easily one of the best Switch games you can buy. 

17. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the plump plumber's most expansive and inventive 3D adventure yet, setting you lose in a series of brilliantly designed sandbox worlds filled with exciting secrets. It's a constant barrage of joyful discovery, whether you're taking control of a T-Rex or a stack of Goombas with your sentient hat Cappy or warping into a wall for some classic 2D Mario gameplay. Odyssey is accessible, gorgeous and wonderfully weird, marrying the pure fun of Mario's best 3D outings with no shortage of awesome surprises. It's easily one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there.

Read our Super Mario Odyssey review nintendo switch lite games walmart. Untitled Goose Game

The hills of gaming are alive with honking. Part stealth game, part prankster heaven, Untitled Goose Game became one of the internet's best Nintendo Switch games picks by placing gamers in the webbed feet of a despicable goose out to ruin the days of everyone in a quaint little suburb. While its amazingly simple controls may trick you into thinking it's going to be a cakewalk, the difficulty ramps up enough to turn this adorably-drawn puzzler into a true challenge. 

Read our full Untitled Goose Game review

19. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition

One of the most beloved role-playing games of this generation (and arguably of all-time) has finally landed on Nintendo Switch. As its name suggests, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition packs in every bit of content found in CD Projekt Red’s massive open-world adventure, plus all previously released downloadable content (including the popular Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions). While The Witcher 3’s Switch port sacrifices visual quality in the name of playability, it still features m cheapoair com customer service same massive world, gripping story with branching narratives and satisfying combat that make Geralt of Rivia’s third outing so memorable. It's one of the best Switch games if you're not keen on Nintendo's usual family-friendly titles.


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Whether you are brand new to gaming or have been playing video games since the first Atari came out you are sure to have heard of Nintendo. Nintendo is a classic video game maker that has been around for DECADES and has some of the best games because of their classic iconic characters that can only be purchased for a Nintendo console. 

One issue with the exclusive games for Nintendo is that it makes finding games cheap a difficult process. Whether you are an avid Nintendo lover who buys all of the consoles or just someone who is looking for the latest Nintendo games for as cheap as possible then you are in the right place. 

So, why are Nintendo games cheaper to purchase at Walmart?

New Nintendo games are often the exact same price at Walmart as they are at other stores online and off. Nintendo games get cheaper at Walmart when they decide to stop carrying a title so they put it on clearance. Since Walmart puts items on clearance when they decide to stop carrying them then you can sometimes find great deals on Nintendo games at Walmart but those games are rarely the most popular ones. 

Nintendo puts pretty strict controls on what retailers can normally sell their games and consoles for so often the only way to get deals is when a game is going to no longer be carried by Walmart or to buy it used via other methods. 

If you are looking to buy the newest released Nintendo games for a great deal at Walmart or any florist gate city va store you are honestly just going to be out of luck. For example, I just cross checked a bunch of different Nintendo Switch games at Walmart and Amazon and both of those stores had the exact same games for the exact same prices. 

Unfortunately finding the latest games for cheaper at Walmart is just a pipe dream (see what I did there?).  

Finding Nintendo games for cheaper at Walmart is possible but as mentioned that is rare and only if a specific title or console will not be carried td bank target credit card collections that specific store or if the item was a previous return that is being sold at a discount because it was opened. 

Why do people choose to buy their Nintendo games at Walmart?

There are many different places both locally and online where you can buy the latest and greatest Nintendo games for around the same price. Of course every once and a while you will find a sale or deal on Nintendo games but that is rare at any store. 

But why do so many people choose to buy their games at Walmart?

Easy access

There are Walmarts virtually everywhere and in the United States they can be found in virtually every city. Having such easy access to everything from groceries to Nintendo games makes Walmart a very popular place for people to purchase those games at.  

Walmart always has the most recent Nintendo releases and since Nintendo makes all the stores sell the games for the same price then the convenience of Walmart and the fact that many people are there on a weekly basis makes it a great place to get the latest game releases as well. 


As mentioned earlier sometimes you can find deals on a Nintendo game when it will no longer be carried at that specific Walmart or if it is a return and they put it back on the shelf at a discount. These kind of deals are rarely found at places online since once a place like Amazon starts carrying Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild they will carry it virtually FOREVER so that game will never go on sale there. 

Walmart has limited space for them to display and sell Nintendo games so they will only carry the newest or most popular titles so you can sometimes find nintendo switch lite games walmart on older titles that are being phased out from being carried in stores.  


Ultimately, Walmart is quite simply a popular place to shop. No, it isn’t popular in the sense that people will brag about nintendo switch lite games walmart there on Facebook but with 500+ Billion dollars in sales in the last year Walmart is certainly a popular place for people to shop. Since Walmart carries virtually everything that you might need from clothes, to food, to tires, to video games, it is much popular for people to just pick up the newest video game while they are there getting groceries or other things. 

Plus many times kids will want something to do while their parents are shopping so the game section is a great way to pass the time and find the latest Nintendo games for their favorite console. 

Easy returns

If purchasing a Nintendo game online it can be difficult to return or exchange it if it is damaged or doesn’t work properly. Since people are often at their local Walmart once or twice a week then returning items that are damaged or defective is much easier than having to go and ship it back to an online company, wait for them to receive it, and then repurchase the item. 

Since Walmart is local you don’t have to deal with that hassle and often just have to take the game and receipt back to the electronics section or the return counter and exchange the game right away with limited hassle or waiting. 

Can check the game for damage

Another huge positive to buying your Nintendo games at Walmart is that you can check the case out before you ever buy it and make sure that it isn’t crushed or damaged in any way. I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered a game online and it got crushed by the mail and so I had www prudential com online retirement com go through the process of returning it and getting another one. 

I have even ordered a game before and had to go through the process MULTIPLE times because they kept damaging the game in one way or another. 

When buying from your local Walmart you don’t have to deal with that hassle and you can simply check the case for damage and even shake it to ensure that the disc or cartridge is nor loose. 


Certainly we would all like to save as much money as possible and get our Nintendo games at a discount. Unfortunately unless the Walmart you are at has some of the games on clearance or has a limited deal on the games then you are likely to find that the prices at Walmart are exactly what you would pay at many other retail stores. 

If you are looking to save money on games the easiest thing to do is to buy them used and after they have been out for a few years. If you cannot wait that long or don’t want to chance buying a used item then Walmart is a great option since you can personally check out the item for damage before you ever purchase it. 

Another benefit of buying from Walmart locally is that if you have issues you can easily resolve them in the store and you don’t have to go back and forth with sending items back and getting new ones and risking having the same problem over and over again! 


Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Where to Buy an OLED, Games, and Save on Bundles

Super Mario: Odyssey© Nintendo Super Mario: Odyssey

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms.

First, the good news for Nintendo fans out there: We've saw tons of Nintendo Switch deals over Black Friday and they keep rolling into Cyber Monday too. Whether you're looking for a Nintendo Switch or a game to play on your console, there are deals out there from Walmart, HSN and QVC.

And now, the bad news: The latest version of the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, has already sold out at virtually every major retailer. But we were able to track down the new Nintendo console online for Cyber Monday, available in some of the best bundles you can buy right now.

The main upgrade in the Nintendo Switch OLED is screen quality and screen size: It's a 7-inch console, as compared to the older Switch's 6.2-inch screen size. It also comes with a wider kickstand, better speakers and twice the internal storage, or 64GB. It also comes with a new style of dock, with a built-in wired LAN port.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is now the third Switch console in Nintendo's lineup. The OLED Switch retails for $350, or $50 more than the non-OLED Nintendo Switch model ($300). Nintendo also sells the colorful, smaller Nintendo Switch Lite for $199, a handheld console that plays all the Nintendo Switch games but does not connect to TVs.

The best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch console & controller deals

The best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch game deals


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